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My daughter's a diva, and my son is, too!

Tonight I was singing along with Emmie to “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”.  (And by sing along, I of course mean I sing every word except the last word of each phrase!) Anyway, at the end of the song, Emmie put her little hands behind her back and bowed!  It was so adorable! 

And I would be remiss not to mention Tucker’s latest announcement:  “I am so much funny!”  And he is, that little stinker!

Not a baby anymore…

*originally posted on Nov. 6, 2007*

So, folks, it’s official.  Emmie has, as of today, found her “big-girl” laugh.  Which sounds like a good thing.  She actually had her head thrown back and was giving these big, hearty guffaws.  But, as cute as it was, I have to admit that I’m sad that I won’t be hearing that little baby laugh any more-well, at least not from Emmie.  If this makes me sad now, I can’t imagine how hard it will hit me when my final baby has a big-kid laugh.  I’ve always said the big milestones-walking, turning one, talking-don’t get to me like they do some people.  It’s the little things like big-girl laughs and big-kid kisses(not the huge, open-mouth, drench you in slobber kisses).  Things that are so small and that change so instantly that its sometimes easy to miss.  Like the day I realized that Tucker could drink out of a big cup with no lid.  When did that happen?  When did he learn to do that? These are the little things-the smell the roses moments-that I’ll miss as they get older.

Halloween Night

We always go to the J’s house and trick-or-treat in their neighborhood.  This is the first year that Tucker has really gotten into it.  He and Emmie and A. rode around in the wagon for a while…until Tucker realized that he could get candy!  Then he ran to every door, and said, “Trick-uh-treat!  I wan canny!”.

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Halloween Parade

At Tucker and Emmie’s “school”, they always have a Halloween parade.  The kids come walk out and parade around while the parents watch.  Emmie did great!  She saw me and only cried a second…then was happy to be with “Miss” Felicia.  Tucker would have done well if there hadn’t been church bells.  He LOVES church bells…and could not focus on anything else.  His teacher actually called me out to see if I could help move him along!  Silly boy!  Check out pictures of Tucker, Emmie, and E, too!  One of the pictures of E is actually of her-in all her flowered glory-sound asleep in the car!  She fell asleep on the way…but it was the cutest little sleeping flower I’d ever seen, so I couldn’t NOT take a picture!

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Pumpkin Carving Party Pictures

Every year, Kathryn(one of Marshall’s fellow residents) hosts a pumpkin carving party, with food and movies and carving patterns.  I’ll realy miss this little tradition next year! 

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Our friend E's Birthday Party Pictures

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Boshears Skyfest

*originally posted on Oct. 21, 2007*

We’ve talked about going to the local airshow every year, but we’ve never been in town.  So…we came back from the Thomas thing in time to go on Sunday!  We really had a lot of fun!  Well, mostly…Emmie was exhausted(I guess it has been a long weekend), and she fussed a lot.  And we all got sunburned-oops!  But Tucker and Marshall especially loved seeing all the different planes and helicopters.  Tucker also discovered a new “crazy face” which you can see below!

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Thomas the Tank Engine

*originally posted on Oct. 20, 2007*

Yesterday Grandma and Grandpa had a special treat planned for Tucker!  We drove down to Cordele in our new van(see below for more info!) and met them to ride Thomas the train!!  We had a lot of fun, and Tucker’s been talking about it non-stop since we left!  You get to take your picture with Thomas.  (You can buy a close-up, but it won’t be available on the web for a few more days.  I’ll add it when I get it!) *UPDATE: The picture wasn’t that good, so I didn’t get it…we had plenty of other good pictures from the day!* You get to board the train and ride!  There are all kinds of activities that you can do when you’re not riding on the train.  Tucker’s favorite was Imagination Station, which was essentially a Thomas play area where they’d let your kids play with tester toys, so that you’d see just how much they LOVED the toy and you could buy it in their store.  But he loved it, and we got out without buying any more toys!!  He did get a tattoo, though!  Temporary, of course.  I’m pretty sure he won’t want to have a Thomas tat when he’s 20 years old!

I haven’t said much about Emmie, but this was mostly Tucker’s day.  She enjoyed the train ride, as you can see in the pictures(in the “our photo gallery” section).  Our schedule was all off because of travelling, however, and she got quite tired and ornery.  So…she ended up sleeping through most of Imagination Station and all the playground-type stuff.

Oh!  One more thing you’ll see in the pictures is Tucker in a big yellow bouncy house.  I took pictures because I couldn’t believe he was actually in it.  Everytime we’ve tried before, he’s flipped out!  So…I guess he’s a big boy now.  He and I have started going on “dates” every now and then, just to have some Mommy-Tucker time.  I asked him if he wanted to go jump on our next date, and he said “yesyesYESSSSS”.  So I think he’s excited.

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The Van

*originally posted on Oct. 19, 2007*

Well, folks…we’ve done it.  I’m officially a soccer mom.  For a while now, I knew I was going to have to do something about car space.  Now that I am keeping Ella, I didn’t have room in my Galant for 3 car seats.  And it won’t be long before we’ll need 3 carseats of our own, anyway!  So…we bit the bullet, talked to our friend Mike who sells used cars(please let me know if you need a car-he’s GREAT!!  And can get most anything you want!), and got a Honda Odyssey.  And let me tell you…it is amazing!  I never thought I’d be so in love with a car! 

The doors open and close automatically, which for non-parents probably isn’t that big of a deal, but when you have toddlers…it’s great that I can open the door remotely, Tucker can climb in and  be getting his seat buckled while I’m dealing with Emerson.  It saves us all a lot of screaming! 🙂 

It has a DVD player in it.  Tucker & Emmie have already enjoyed that on our trip to Cordele. 

It has amazing trunk space! 

The third row seats are stow-and-go.  And when you are using them, there’s plenty of room for full-size adults back there!

There is an optional 8th seat that goes in the second row.  And it actually makes the 2nd row big enough for 2 cars seats AND an adult(and I’m not talking an adult wedged between them…there’s room to sit and easily buckle your seat belt!)

It has at least 6 “hidden” compartments that I’ve already found!  They used every possible space for storage!

The sound sytem is great.

The air is great…and the controls are simple enough.  They allow the driver, passenger, and the rear to all be set differently.  And, if you know know me and Marsh very well…one of us is always hot and the other one always cold!

So…that’s it in a nutshell!  For those of you looking for a van…these suckers don’t come cheap, but it’s well worth it!

The Pumpkin Patch

*originally posted on Oct 18, 2007*

We went to the pumpkin patch today with Harrison and Jack.  Tucker had so much fun running around with the big boys.  They not only had a pumpkin patch, but there was also a corn maze.  They had a playground with these really cool swings.  They were made of tires, but shaped like horses.  Check out the pictures in the ‘our photo gallery’ section!