Somebody really reads my ramblings!

excellent2baward.jpg  Look, folks!  I got an award!  🙂  My friend Kate (her husband was in med school with Marshall) who is a mom and writer now living in the Atlanta area gave my website an “E for Excellent” rating.  Thanks, Kate!  I’m glad to know that at least 3 people regularly check out my site(that would be Kate, Monica and Cindy).

 The rules for getting this award are that you must award the “E for Excellence” award to at least 10 other websites that you find excellent.  So…here they are, in no specific order:
Kate’s other website
Pace Family Website (How adorable is little Becca??)
Jenny Waring Photo Blog (She’s an amazing photographer!)
Jennifer Mullinax Photography (Another phenomenal photographer.)
My Five Little Monkeys (Witty and comical writing about life with one set of triplets and one set of twins!)
Cindy’s CityStreams Blog (our cousin who is a teacher and mom to an adorable little girl)
Peapod Squad Stuff (Blog of friend and fellow mother who has adorable 3 year old triplets)
Confessions or a Pioneer Woman (I don’t actually know this chick, but she’s really funny and I love to read her blog-as do millions of other folks!)
Fun, Crafts & Recipes (there’s some yummy stuff on this one!)
Enchanted Learning Crafts (You’ll never have to look anywhere else to find a craft idea! There are hundreds of ideas here, most of which are free)

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