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A cherry on top…

If I hadn’t already been lucky enough to have a great day after a string of not-so-great ones, my kids asked to go to the book store.  I didn’t promt it…Tucker just straight up asked and the girls nodded their assent.  If you know anything about me, you know I love to go to the bookstore!!  So…today I got a new book anda new cd. 

Before I tell you about my new book, I have to rewind a few months.  There is a book I bought back before Christmas from amazon.com called “Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay: And Other Things I Had to Learn as a New Mom”.  It had me in stitches! This girl is seriously funny! (She reminds me a lot of my friend Jesse, for those of you who know her and how delightful she is!)  One of my favorite stories she tells is about calling her pediatrician at 10pm because her 11-day old daugher seemed “sleepy”.  He ever-so-politely tries to convince her that her baby is not dying of some rare, dreaded disease.  The baby is probably just fine.  She responds with:  “PROBABLY??”  How many times have I myself said that to Marshall!  🙂  Ha!  Wilder-Taylor also talks about other women who love their babies too much, the fascination with poop once you have kid, social life after kids, and the such.

So while we were at the bookstore, I couldn’t help but notice that there was a new Stephanie Wilder-Taylor book on sale: Naptime Is the New Happy Hour: And Other Ways Toddlers Turn Your Life Upside Down.  I bought it at 1 this afternoon and I’m already half-way through with it!  It’s not too long, the chapters are broken up into nice, easy chunks…and it’s just funny!  It’s more like reading a letter from a friend than a parenting book.  So far she’s entertained me with stories about how you can go all out on holidays that were previously boring, suburban life, taking your kids to Target for recreation time, other moms who make you feel like crap because they’re so awesome, and minding your mommy manners. I should probably read that last section a few times.  I’m not very good at that!  But just to give you a little taste of her writing, here are two sample passages:

For the first year [of your child’s life] your main job in the parenting biz is to keep the little suckers alive.  Now that’s not nearly enough.  A mom of a toddler has a whole new set of concerns, worries, and questions, like “Who the hell is this Dora chick?  And why does my child need to own everything with her picture on it?”  “Is it wrong to have a cocktail at two in the afternoon?” And “Where did my child learn to say ‘shit’?”  Where’s the book for that?


Real moms will let you in on the fact that they are sometimes inconsistent with their discipline-that they have at times totally lost it over a minor infraction, like their toddler’s totally normal refusal to take a bath when asked very nicely and promised “no washing of hair”.  Real moms will call you in tears because their kid hasn’t stopped barfing since she stupidly let him have three huge pieces of cake at a three-year-old’s birthday party.  Real moms know that trying to limit TV watching to a half hour a day is about as realistic as Kellie Pickler trying to maintain that she didn’t get a boob job.  Real moms will tell you that their four-and-a-half-year old is only 80 percent potty trained.  Real moms know that when it comes to being a parent, there is no perfect scorecard.  No matter how many hours you spend sitting on the floor coloring, reading stories, kissing boo-boos, and singing songs, there will be times that you fall short.  And most of us try to accept that as best we can.

 So…these two books along with Martha Brockenbrough‘s book It Could Happen To You: Diary Of A Pregnancy and Beyond are now on the must-read list for all my new-mommy friends!  And you honestly don’t even have to be a new mommy to appreciate it.  But you do have to have a sense of humor, and you must not be easily offended!  She’s brutally honest! 

So if you need a good laugh, or at least a smile or two, go on over to amazon.com or drop by your local bookstore, and grab one of these not-life-changing-but-pretty-darn-funny books!

**Disclaimer:  Stephanie Wilder-Taylor does quite frequently use curse words.  To me, they’re all warrented, but if you don’t like books with curse words, these are not for you!

Better. Much Better.

My day began with a bang:  I overslept!!  And at first that probably seems like a bad thing, but (I don’t know about you) whenever I oversleep, I am always very efficient whenever I do get up.  So in the span of an hour I got the kids up, fed, and dressed with teeth and hair both brushed.  I mopped the whole house.  And I managed to get everyone to school not on-time but early!  I’m never early!  But somehow I managed to get all those things and then some complements of the “oh-crap-I-overslept adrenaline rush.”

So once I dropped everyone off in their classrooms, I headed out to help set up for Sports Day.  There were tricycles, an obstacle course, bean bag toss, golf and basketball.  When I asked Tucker what he liked the best out of all of those he said, “the popsicles”.  Ha!  That’s my boy…could care less about the sport stuff…just give me the sugar!

After I helped with Sports Day, I spent a little time with the kiddos in their classrooms.  I love the kids that are Tucker’s age; they are so animated!  I took this dress-up hat and “hid” each one of them & then let them “scare” me.  I’ve never heard so many giggles!  And you would have thought that this was the BEST game EVER!!  They were all captivated!

Emmie’s class is cute, too, but she wasn’t as excited about sharing her mommy as Tucker was.  The only other kid she “allowed” me to hold was Ella.  I guess she’s figured out by now that Ella’s not going to steal me away from her!

Anyway, I had a great time with them.  It was so much fun to go play with all the little kids.  And it was fun to see Tucker feel special because *his* mommy was the only mommy there!  And eventhough Emmie was typically clingy, she did play with the other kids some.  It was neat to see her interact with other kids like that.  That’s not something I get so see very often.  But she’s much quieter than I would have imagined.

So, as I write this(I wrote this earlier, but just got around to typing it now), I’m in car rider line waiting to pick up the “big girls”, and all three of my little atheletes are sound asleep.  And it’s quiet save the noise of middle school students happy to have finished another day of school.  And as I reflect on the nice, happy day I had today, I realize not once all day had I thought about who’s bringing what to the baby shower, or how empty the IHN volunteer board is looking, or how many nights I’m probably going to be sleeping at the church with our guests, or whether or not someone will actually buy our house soon.  None of those things seem to matter when your knee-deep in the contagious giggles of sixteen 3-year olds.  Maybe I should take lessons from them!  🙂