She thinks I'm Spoon-Licking Good!

300 award

My friend over at Peapod Squad Stuff has given me an award!  She thinks my blog is “spoon-licking good”!  She’s a hoot, with her cute, cute triplets who just happen to be the same age as Tucker!  Sometimes she makes me laugh, other times she makes me cry…but it’s always a good read!  You guys should all go check out her blog!

And, while I’m being all super-bloggy(this is, I think, the 4th post today…I obviously have many, many important things to do in my life!), I figured that I could pass along the spoon-lickin’ goodness! 

So…I would like to share this award with all new blogs that I met one way or another through Mommyfest 2008(or blogrolls of other blogs on Mommyfest blogs…man, this blogging thing is so viral!).

Numero Uno: Baby On Bored by Stephanie. You guys have heard me rave about her hilarious books Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay and Naptime Is the New Happy Hour, but now you can get a dose of her hilarious-ness every day!  (She does occasionally drop the f-bomb, so just be aware if you don’t like that kind of thing.)

Number 2: Heather at The Spohrs Are Multiplying, Spohrs(pronounced spores) being their last name and a play on words.  Very interesting and very funny in a smart ass kind of way! 

Number 3: Lindsey over at True Tales of a Hair Wrecker.  I’m sucker for witty blogs, what can I say?  She’s clever, and…you guessed it: funny!

Number 4: Kaye at Mr. Nespy’s World. I won a mom journal on her blog during Mommyfest! (BTW, It came in the mail today, Kaye, and I love it!) But this girl is a serious saver!  The amount she saves in a month is probably somehow directly proportional to how much I over-spend per month!  My new fave that I’ve discovered are her “Tuesday Freebies”…things that you can get for absolutely FREE!!!

And for Number 5: Eleisia at In the Kitchen.  I haven’t slowed down to actually try any of her recipes, but they all look amazing!  Just reading this recipe made my mouth water.

So, congrats, ladies.  I like you…I really like you!

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