Am I a bad parent or is he a bad child?

Ok…my phone is MIA.  Gone.  We’ve trying calling it, texting it, paging it.  We’ve searched high and low.  It’s no where to be found.  After an hour or so of searching, Tucker tells me that he threw it in the brown trashcan.  He was mad at me, and he decided to throw it away!  Bad child, right?

Here’s where the bad parent thing comes in.  He was mad at me because I wouldn’t let him wear underwear.  He’d been passing loads of gas and holding his butt-a surefire sign that he is about to poop.  And I told him he had to poop in the potty, not his underwear.  So I took his underwear off.  And he got mad.  And he threw my stinkin’ phone away! 

The worst part of it all is that we took the trash to the dump before I realized it was missing.  So…my phone will probably be compacted first thing tomorrow morning!  Yikes!  So…off to the phone store to get a new phone.  If I had your number in my phone before, please please please email me your number again!!

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