I'm in love…

For the family lunch we had today, I was in charge of desserts.  I made a chocolate truffle pie for all the chocolate lovers, but I wanted something else quick and easy to take as well.  I like chocolate just fine, but I’d much rather have a warm, creamy bite of something fruity.

I’ve made many a cobbler on my own.  Most of them(minus the one in college that I left in the oven for 2 days!  The oven was off, thank goodness!) have turned out beautifully, and tasted pretty darn good, too.  But…with all the activities of the weekend, I was looking for something fast(read: frozen). 

In walks Mrs. Smith’s Blackberry Cobbler


All you do is pop it in the oven, and 50 minutes later you have nothing but flaky-crusted-fruity goodness!  This is as close to homemade you will ever find in a box.  Run out, cook it up, claim it as your own if you want…but don’t forget to save some for me!

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  1. Jesse
    November 17, 2008 | 7:09 pm

    It looks pretty, but you know i’m drooling over that chocolate truffle pie!