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Happy Birthday, Carter!

We had such an insane weekend that I wasn’t able to blog much or finish Carter’s birthday photo montage.  But…better late than never.

On Saturday, our Augusta “family”(Jesse, Noelle, Ella, AND “my girls” and their mom) came to visit.   Since the whole crew was here, we decided to have a little birthday party for Carter.  He was SO excited!  He’s still talking about it actually.

We were able to celebrate his birthday again on Sunday night when he got to pick the restaurant for dinner.

AND he and I went on a date today!  We went to take his 4 year old pictures.  I only got a few because he asked me to quit taking pictures and play with him.  Who can resist that?  So we played on the train track and the steps of the old depot.  We watched some college kids play tennis, and went to look in the reflecting pool.  Then we went to Scoops(our downtown ice cream store) and had fun there, too.  We also tried to go to the store to buy a booster seat, but didn’t have much luck in that department.  I don’t want a white booster seat(you’re crazy if you buy a white car seat!), nor did we want a pink, princess or Dora booster.  Grr…that’s the only thing I don’t like about being back in a small town.   I guess now we’ll have to go to Target.  Poor me…

Anyway…I know that this is more for me than for anyone else(seriously…it’s five minutes…you don’t have to watch it!), but if you want to here’s the video montage that I did that starts with his 3rd birthday and goes up until today.  He’s getting so big!  I can’t believe he’s four!!!  I’ll have the other pictures(of his party and our visitors) up soon.  Keep checking back…


Celebrate good times!

We have quite a bit to celebrate around here right now:

Not only is Marshall’s practice really picking up and thriving(you can see his new work website here), he’s now a BOARD CERTIFIED pediatrician!  Yay, Marsh…you passed your boards!  I’m so proud!!

I’m also proud of my mom.  She also passed a big test.  Yay for you, too!

We have 2 birthdays this weekend:  Marshall on Saturday, Carter on Sunday.

We have friends coming to visit this weekend, and we’re having cake and ice cream.

Our house is finally starting to look like someone actually lives here-pictures on the wall, furniture to sit on, little decorative touches here and there…

The “big kids” still like the little one(I do, too!), which I think is a pretty big deal.  I hope it lasts…

And I don’t want to jinx it, but we’ve got a fairly good sleep schedule going on around here.

See…lots of good times.  Come back soon to see pictures of all the fun!

Sad News Story

If this news article(from doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, you have a cold, cold heart:

In life, Jayne Campbell Soliman was a champion ice skater. Two days after being declared brain dead, she became something greater.

She became a mother.

Mrs. Soliman suffered a brain hemorrhage but was kept alive by machines before doctors were able to deliver her daughter, Aya Jayne, by Caesarean section, according to The Times of London. Aya is the Muslim word for “miracle.”

“She is so tiny, but she is a little fighter just like her mother,” Mahmoud Soliman, the girl’s father, told The Times.

Mrs. Soliman was only 25 weeks pregnant when she complained of a headache and collapsed in her bedroom on Wednesday. After arriving by air to a hospital in Oxford, England, she was declared brain dead and given large doses of steroids to help her unborn baby’s lungs develop. Doctors then performed the emergency C-section in hopes of giving her child life.

“A midwife picked tiny Aya up and put her little face up to Jayne’s,” family friend Lucine Phillips told The Times. “It was just like welcoming any new baby into the world … but we also had to say goodbye to Jayne.”

Aya was immediately transferred to the intensive care unit. Soliman was originally told his daughter would have to be there for two weeks but was then doing so well that she was transferred to a local hospital on Saturday — the day of her mother’s funeral.

Mrs. Soliman, 41, was best known as the British professional free skating champion in 1989. She also appeared in several international competitions in the 1980’s.

When she left competitive skating, Mrs. Soliman went on to teach, including time in Dubai where she met her husband. Aya was their first — and now only — child.

I’d never heard of this woman(I’m not much of an ice-skating fan), but sometimes a story just strikes you and you can’t get it out of your mind.   Just thought I’d share with you all, and ask you guys to pray for this baby and this family.

The Pre-K Debate

I can’t tell you how many times in the past week someone has asked me some form of the question, “So what are you doing to do about pre-K?”  It’s just that time of year, I guess.

I had initially made up my mind that I would send him to Ms. Diane’s “school” where Carter and Lydia are both going this year.  It’s at a local church.  It’s convenient.  I’ve enjoyed and been happy with the teachers there.  They seem to have a pretty comprehensive program.  And he seems to be doing well there.  He (and Lydia) currently go 2 days a week for half-days.  Nine a.m. doesn’t sound early until you have to get three children under 4 up, fed, dressed and ready.   And by the time we get home and have lunch, I’m as exhausted as they are!  We all nap, and it’s wonderful.  We’ve developed a rhythm, a routine I guess.  It’s comfortable.  I’m happy.  They’re happy.

But when the registration forms for next year came out, I mentioned it to Marshall.  He, completely understandably, was a little surprised that I wasn’t really considering the state-funded Pre-K program that’s offered in Georgia.  We have one of the best Pre-K programs in the country.  Why wouldn’t I want him to go, right?

Well, here are my reasons:
(And, no…I’m not trying to convince Marshall.  We’ve already talked about it, and he is comfortable with whatever decision I make.)
1. I like the preschool they are in, and I like the idea of both Carter and Lydia being in the same place.

2. He’s a pretty smart kid(I know, I’m biased. But that’s ok, because all mommies are supposed to be, right?), and I feel like he has a pretty good grasp on a lot of the things they teach in Pre-K.

3. I’m no teacher. I wasn’t cut out to be one. But I do try to incorporate a lot of “teaching moments” into our daily life. I don’t baby talk with them. I always try to answer their questions honestly and to the best of my ability. We emphasize letters, numbers, words and shapes that we encounter. We even do simple math…like when they help me cook, or we count toes(a favorite at our house).

4. I’m just not ready.  I don’t want him to be gone all day(from 8 to 3) for 5 days a week.  That’s a long day!!  I think I could handle the 4 half-days(like at Ms. Diane’s) much better.  Is that selfish of me?  I enjoy being at home with my kids-at least most of the time I do.  🙂  He’ll be in school for at least 12 more years.  One more year wouldn’t hurt…but would it help?  My biggest concern is that I’ll-because of the decision I make-be putting him at a disadvantage.  No mom wants that.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to stick with Ms. Diane’s preschool.  But everytime I make up my mind, a little seed of doubt rears its ugly head.  So I guess the best thing I can do is to register him as normal, and then still put him in the lottery for Pre-K.  If he gets in, I’ll have to decide then.  That’s the other thing:  even if I make up my mind that I want him in Pre-K, there’s no guarantee he’ll get in because they do a lottery here!  What if I don’t register him for Ms. Diane’s school, and then he doesn’t get in at Pre-K either.  Then I’d really be upset!  And he would, too!

I know it’ll all work out.  I know that.  But I still can’t help but keep weighing the pros and cons, rolling it around in my head over and over and over again!  I want to do what is best for Carter, not me.  I want to do the most responsible thing.  I want to make a good decision.

What do you all think??

She did it again!

Last week we were able to take the whole crew to see Kyle Hitchcock in her photography studio.  But in all the chaos of 3 kids(one of those kids being Lydia), we forgot to do some Mama-Baby shots.  Plus Kyle had some new props she wanted to play around with…so I went back with just Asa today.   She got some amazing shots.  You can go here to see all of the photos.  The newest ones are on pages 5 and 6.

More pictures

These are the pictures that I took of baby Asa.  Not as awesome as Kyle’s, but I think they turned out nicely enough.  Hope you enjoy them!

[slideshow id=936748722513349792&w=426&h=320]

Pictures, pictures, pictures

I feel like all we’ve done for the past 2 weeks is take pictures!  I can’t imagine why…with a new baby and Christmas all at once!

I ordered Asa’s birth announcements tonight.  I did them myself again this time, and I was fairly please with the results.  I can’t wait to see them once they come back from the printer!!

As much as I have loved photographing Carter and Lydia, it’s not as easy when you have two other toddlers in the house.  So I did defer some of the newborn picture-taking to a local photographer this time: Kyle Hitchcock.  I’ve heard nothing but great things about her from lots of folks, and she didn’t disappoint.  At our appointment today, I think she got some really great shots, especially since Lydia(in typical Lydia fashion) wasn’t the most cooperative. Kyle’s really on top of things; she already has the proofs posted online.  Click here to see them!  I’m really excited about having pictures with all 5 of us in them since I’m usually behind the lens!!

I also hope to get a few shots of Mr. Asa on my own once the “big kids” go back to “school” on Wednesday.

Point being…keep your eye out for a bunch of new pictures soon.  And if you’re sick of pictures of the kid already, too bad!  😛