Personalized Photo Mosaics *UPDATED*

Immediately after Maddie Spohr’s death, donations poured into the March of Dimes in honor of Maddie.  I’m still amazed that folks like you and I have donated over 20 THOUSAND DOLLARS in three days.  Simply amazing.

But if you’re regular followers of Heather’s blog, then you know that she lost her job last year.  At the time, Mike had been staying home with Maddie.  Then Heather had the chance to stay with Maddie while Mike went to work as an independant contractor.  He, obviously, isn’t working right now.  So…they have no income.  And lots of bills to be paid.

{Insert seemingly random segue here. It’ll make sense in a minute, I promise.}

A few weeks ago, I posted about something called “Praying in Color”.  After I found out about Maddie’s death, I couldn’t keep myself from looking at all the pictures that Heather has posted on flickr.  And I realized that as I sat there, clicking through thousands of pictures, I was praying with each new click.  I thanked God for Maddie, her life, her smile, her beautiful eyes.  I prayed for Heather and Mike.  I prayed for Jackie!  And Gramma and Bampa.  If you were in a picture and I knew your name, I prayed for you by name.  If you were in a picture and I didn’t know your name, I still said a prayer for you.  And then I remembered a project I’d been working on and discarded because I couldn’t get it just right: a photo mosaic of our church.  So I thought “why not just try one of Maddie?”  So I stole a bunch a pictures from Heather’s photostream(I really hope you don’t mind, Heather!) and got to work.

I had no clue there’d be such a craze over the one I did of Maddie.  (Although I have to admit that I even surprised myself with how amazing it turned out.)   I also had no clue that I’d feel so helpless…a coast away from the Spohr’s…wanting to be there to give hugs, take Rigby for walks, or even wash dishes.  I hate washing dishes.  But I’d gladly do it if I were there.

But I can’t go.  And the only way that I know how to help(other than sending up more prayers) is to donate to help defray the costs of all that goes with a situation like this one.  I’ve already made a personal donation(as I’m sure many of you have, too), but I wanted to do more.

So…I’m making a limited time offer(until May 20th), with all proceeds going to Mike and Heather. I will make a personalized photo mosaics for you!

I will be offering them in three sizes:

12×18 for $40 including shipping
16×20 for $50 including shipping
20×30 for $60 including shipping

Here’s how to get your personalized mosaic photo:

1. Contact me by emailing me at queenofhaddock(at)gmail(dot)com or leave a comment here(with a valid email address).

2. Send me 20 – 500 pictures. (Obviously the fewer pictures you send, the more often they will repeat.)

You will have to either snail mail me a disc with the images on them, or you can email me a zipped folder containing all of the pictures to queenofhaddock(at)gmail(dot)com.
I will only be taking digital pictures.  Also, I will not be able to return the CD, so please do not send an original disc!

3. Let me know what size you’d like your photo mosaic to be: 12×18, 16×20 or 20×30.

4. Wait for me to email the proof to you!

Once you have approved the proof, I will have it printed and shipped to you.  I haven’t ironed out every tiny detail, so I cannot promise a specific turn-around time yet.  I will try to get your proof emailed to you within 2 business days.  I am still shopping for the best printing option, and that decision will affect shipping time.  Email me at queenofhaddock(at)gmail(dot)com for more information.


A different option…

After thinking about printing and shipping the mosaics myself, I realized that it might be easier to sell you the digital image and let you do the printing on your own.  I am still willing to have it printed for you, but I wanted to offer to do it this way, too. If you want to buy just the digital image, the price will be $30.  All of that will go straight to Mike and Heather.

Thanks to all of you for helping me do my little part to help the Spohr’s.

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  1. Peapodsquadmom
    April 11, 2009 | 12:42 pm

    just wanted to say that i feel like the luckiest person ever to be able to call you friend. you rawk like nobody’s business!

  2. AMomTwoBoys
    April 12, 2009 | 11:35 pm

    I LOVE THIS. When things calm down, and I can put a bunch of pictures together, I’m all over it.

    And I’ll wash some dishes for you tomorrow.


  3. punkinmama
    April 13, 2009 | 9:44 am

    Love this! You are awesome! I’ll be working on a collection of photos and emailing you soon! Great idea!