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I'm in a music video…seriously.

Fo’ reelz.  I’m not lyin’.

If you somehow missed my last post about Chris Mann, then that means you don’t read often enough. 🙂  Just kidding.   If you missed it before, here’s the low-down on my newest music crush: Chris Mann is a new recording artist with Sony.  Trained classically, his voice is smooth as silk.  His sound is full and powerful.  And he’s not so bad to look at either!  🙂

You can listen to two of his songs on his website, and he has a few more of them on his facebook fan page. My personal favorite is “On a Night Like This”

His digital EP comes out next Tuesday, April 21st. You can find it on amazon.com or on iTunes.

But here’s the coolest part:
Through the power of Twitter, he got “Mann Fans” to help him make a new music video.  He did a cover of Kanye West’s song “Heartless”, and asked “What does heartache mean to you?”   He asked people to send in words or to take a picture of yourself with your word.  I’m in there twice…go find me!  On your mark…get set….GO: