Happily Ever After…

In the past 8 years, I have:
-gotten 2 dogs and 2 cars
-survived being a resident widow, er spouse
-had 4 pregnancies but only 3 children
-lost weight
-gained weight
-cut my hair
-grown my hair back out
-lost 2 grandparents(Mama Jo and Big Daddy)
-had a surprise birthday party
-karaoked at the beach
-raced go-carts in the mountains
-played at Walt Disney World twice, and planned another trip
-move 4 times
-taken thousands and thousands of pictures
-made about that many crafts, too
-potty trained one child
-tried to potty train another
-triumphed over post-partum depression
-smiled and laughed more than I knew was possible
-fallen in love over and over again
-oozed with cheeziness more often than any person ever should

And I’ve done all with this handsome fella by my side:

DL16I can’t imagine anyone with whom I’d rather have shared this journey.

He doesn’t make fun of me when I say “with whom”.
He watches “Enchanted” and enjoys it just as much as I do.
He sings the silly fruits of the spirit song in front of 15 middle and high schoolers because I ask him to.
He laughs at my corny jokes.
He is an amazing musician.
He is generous.
He is loving.
He is kind.
He is a wonderful father.
He is a tender and understanding husband.
And he is mine.
And I love him.

Happy anniversary, Marshall!

No Responses to Happily Ever After…
  1. Becky
    May 26, 2009 | 3:53 pm

    Your oozing of cheeziness brought a tear. So sweet.

    Happy Anniversary Bridget & Marshall!!

  2. Liz Sanders
    May 26, 2009 | 4:21 pm

    Happy Anniversary you two, and many, many more to come!

  3. Jesse
    May 26, 2009 | 5:18 pm

    yeah for surprise birthday parties. and yeah for you both!

  4. Nicole
    May 26, 2009 | 5:26 pm

    Happy Anniversary 🙂 I wish you both many many more years of marital bliss.

  5. jeffra
    May 26, 2009 | 7:37 pm

    sweet, special tribute to your special man! Hope he remembers to tell you how special you are too!

  6. Hiral
    May 26, 2009 | 9:35 pm

    Happy Anniversary to the both of you!!!

  7. Carol
    May 28, 2009 | 11:26 am

    Happy Anniversary, you two! I really enjoy your posts, Bridget. You have a beautiful command of the English language, and your love of life and family just puts added sparkle into your words.