I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but at heart…I’m a middle school boy.

I think farts are funny.  I can turn any sentence into something dirty.  I laugh at inappropriate times.  I draw on my hands.  I doodle instead of paying attention.  And I love staying up late.  Everything is more fun at 2 am.  (Okay, maybe not everything…)

So I decided that since I don’t spend enough time with my totally awesome under 18 amigos, I’d plan a lock-in!  (No, I’m not just some perv who’s inviting little kids to spend the night at my house.  I’m working with the youth at church.) But after contemplating the idea of being stuck inside a church with 20 or so middle and high schoolers, I thought….um…maybe this is a bad idea.  Maybe.

So a new idea was born: instead of being locked in claustrophobic hades a building with these crazy kids, let’s take them some where!!  Maybe the beach or the mountains or DC or New York or…wait!  Am I nuts???  There’s no way I can pull something like that off!  (I have delusions of grandeur sometimes.  Just ask Marshall about the crazy, crazy stuff I can come up with!)

So I decided maybe I should try something somewhere in the middle of those ideas.  We’ll have a STAYcation instead!  What’s a staycation, you ask?  I’ll let Urban Dictionary do the hard work for me.  Instead of going somewhere awesome, and instead of being suck in a stinky old building…we’re going to have a hotdog eating contest, games, another contest, more games, worship time, a great speaker, and did I mention games?  Then we’ll be leaving the church to go bowling and go swim.  After that the boys and girls will split up for the rest of the night.  I’m really excited about the girls coming to my house!  I love sleep-overs!

It’ll like baby-BlogHer.  Woo-hoo!

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