BlogHer '09

A lot of people in my “real” life don’t get blogging.  They don’t understand the community.  They don’t understand the camaraderie.  And they really don’t understand why I’d want to go to a blogging conference.  After so many strange looks coming at me when I say “I’m going to Chicago for a blogging conference”, I now just say “I’m going to Chicago for a girl’s weekend”.  Which is kind of true.  But it’s more than that.

So for those of you who are curious about BlogHer, here’s the deal.  BlogHer is actually a website.  They showcase different blog posts from various members on their homepage(which is actually how I just found out that Jimmy Carter left his Southern Baptist church over their treatment of women!).  Any member can add their name and blog to the BlogHer blog roll and people can search blogs by category in the Blog Directory.  Want to read a blog about “Mommy& Family”?  There’s a place for that.  “News & Politics”? Check.  “Money & Personal Finance”?  Got that, too.  They also have an entire section devoted to “Special Offers” where you can enter to win a lot of free stuff!

So if BlogHer is a website, why do you keep talking about “going to BlogHer”?
When I say “BlogHer”, I’m usually referring to the BlogHer Conference.  The BlogHer conference is the largest blogging conference in the world.  Although the name may seem to imply that this is a “girls only” kind of thing, men are welcome at BlogHer.

What in the world do you do at a blogging conference??
You can see this year’s agenda here.  I’m hoping to be able to connect with my online friends IRL, learn more about CSS(so I can make this here blog purty), learn how to take supa-awesome pictures(in an excursion trip!!), hear some of my friends read one of their own blog posts at the Community Keynote, and hopefully picking up some awesome swag!

Am I freaking out about BlogHer?
I’ve cycled through between excited and nervous for a few weeks now, and I’ve had my fair share of freak-out moments.  But then I realize that there’s really nothing to freak-out about.  It’s not like I’m going to a chaperoned school-sponsored trip.  If I get there and hate it(which I doubt will happen), I can go out exploring.  I’ll be in Chicago, which I’m pretty excited about.  And I have friends who now live in Chicago and I’m planning on meeting up with them at some point anyway.  And my travel partner and roommate is CityStreams, and I’m pretty sure she has nice friends I can borrow if I get there and hate my own.   Just kidding…I don’t hate any of you.  But what if you have poofy hair or wear clothes from Walmart.  Oh wait…that’s me.  Promise you won’t hate me.

Did you buy new stuff for BlogHer like the rest of the free world?
Of course I did.  New clothes were on the horizon anyway…I’ve been in maternity clothes for so long I kind of forgot what “real” clothes were like.  But just so you know…I don’t do heels.  Or dressy-dresses.   I’m really a tee-shirt and jeans kinda girl.  Wearing black capris is about as dressy as it gets around here these days.

Are you a party animal?
Ummm…in one word: No.  But I’m a self-proclaimed people-watcher, so I did RSVP for my fair share of parties.  And I’m pretty sure that at least one or two people will like me because I’ll have my drink tickets up for grabs.  🙂

What’s your biggest fear about BlogHer?
This is going to sound ridiculous.  I’m worried I’ll get everyone mixed up.  I already have a hard time when I see InstaMom and AMomTwoBoys on Twitter.  I have to think a moment.  Ok…which one is Megan?  The other one is Allyson, right?  They’re not really anything alike…other than having ‘mom’ in their name.  How in the world will I keep all the real names, Twitter names, and blog names straight?  I mean I know that’s the whole point of business cards.  But seriously…I’m not great with names to begin with.  But I have to keep THREE names straight??  For one person?  So if I’ve met you 20 times and I still ask your name, don’t be offended.  Maybe we should just all wear one of those big poster-board advertisement thingies with our real name, TwitterID and blog address.  If we wear them big enough, then all this bru-ha-ha about what to wear that everyone seems to be talking about would be null and void.  🙂

Will you blog from BlogHer?
We have free internet access, and I have a camera.  So you should at least get a picture or two or ten!

5 Responses to BlogHer '09
  1. Dawn
    July 20, 2009 | 7:03 pm

    yeah, just compliment someone’s shoes, they won’t care if you remember their name 🙂

  2. citystreams
    July 21, 2009 | 5:38 am

    Is it too late to RSVP to parties? I must have missed that memo. Oops!

  3. Peapodsquadmom
    July 21, 2009 | 6:36 pm

    oh you silly silly girl. it’s impossible NOT to love you. you’re going to have a great time and will be a total hit! and you absolutely positively must go to blissdom with me in february…cause you’ll be the “expert” who can show me the ropes. 😉

  4. Issa
    July 21, 2009 | 11:11 pm

    Today, I am freaking. Completely. But I know we’ll have a blast. And I’m not really a drinker, despite what I occasionally tweet. 😉