A Sentence on Sunday

Dear Carter,
You’ve been lying to me lately.  It’s frustrating because I know when you’re telling a lie, and yet you always say “I’m the truth, Mommy”.  Truth or no truth, you’re stinkin’ adorable.  I can’t wait until you’re old enough to watch Finding Neverland.  You are Peter.

Dear Lydia,
YOU’RE POTTY TRAINED!!!!! Three days now without an accident! And just in time for school to start. I’m so proud of you. And I’m so glad I can stop buying pull-ups(those suckers ain’t cheap)!

Dear Asa,
I love how you are constantly moving.  I’m a little worried about what will happen once you start walking.  If you are awake, you’re a ball of energy.  You have this thing were you put your arms out and open and close your hands when you get excited-kinda like a puppy wagging its tail…so, so adorable.

You’re all my favorites!
Love, Mommy

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