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The Exorcist

Earlier this week I needed something to keep Lydia entertained and out from under my feet for a few minutes.  So what better babysitter than my laptop, right?  I turn the webcam to “RECORD” and let her see herself “on TV”.

Initially she was reading a book.  In case you can’t understand her, she’s saying, “Boy, you in a heap a trouble.”

I took about 10 minutes of footage and did some really bad editing.  The absolute best part(if you only watch one part, watch this part!) is the last 20 seconds.  I have no clue what she’s doing(she doesn’t know either-I asked), but it’s really possessed-looking funny.


I know it’s not cool to make fun of your own kid…but seriously??  This is hilarious.  At least it was to us!  And is it me or at the beginning doe she sound like Olivia from The Cosby Show or what?