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Slice of American Awesomeness

**So a few weeks ago I got an email saying that I would have the opportunity to pre-view(or pre-hear, really) the new Five for Fighting album Slice.  I.love.F4F.  Love.  Really love.  And I am so pumped that I was able to get my hands on an early release. Obviously, this is a sponsored review, but I am giving my true, unbiased opinion.**

You know that one really awesome sweatshirt you’ve had since college?  How when the weather finally turns cool and you have the chance to put it on, it’s even more awesome than you remember?  It’s warm and comfy and home.   This album is like that. This album is home.  Same amazing sound as all the previous albums, but not boring or over-done.

John, aka Five for Fighting himself, says it best:
Slice is where I’ve come from, where I am, and a few scraps I’ve picked up in between.
All in a slice of time.

From the moment I heard the first notes of the piano on the first song of the new Five for Fighting album Slice, I was smitten.  The lyrics are introspective and intriguing.  The sounds are comforting and familiar.  Already, in just a week or so, this has become my new favorite album.  I like it.  My kids like it.  Even my husband likes it.  (That’s a big deal!  Our musical preferences don’t overlap too much!)

I first heard the sound of John Ondrasik (of “Superman(It’s Not Easy)” fame) on a TV commercial.  After singing that one phrase over and over and over and over in my head for weeks, I finally decided to do a little research and found out it was  Five for Fighting.  Being close to Christmas when I figured it out, all of his CDs were on my wish list.  I got them two years ago, and they are my “go to” CDs.  They were the first things I put on my iPod when I got it.  They are the CDs that never leave my car.  They are the ones I put on to soothe me, to pump me up, or to help me chill out.

And you all know my posts lately haven’t been Ms. Susie Sunshine lately, and one of the songs that really hit home with me on this album is “Hope”.  Starting with an old gospel hymn sound, the song morphs into a moving and inspirational ballad.  And really, who doesn’t love a good ballad?

If you’re looking for some exotic new sound, you may not find it here.  But if you’re looking for some really good sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-in-the-car feel-good music, download it here today!   You won’t be disappointed.

P.S. Several years ago(when my infatuation had just begun), I saw John on GMA.  Diane Sawyer asked him, “Why the name “Five for Fighting“?  Apparently it’s a hockey term; you have to sit out and cool down for five minutes of a game if you fight.

P.P.S. For a much better actual review of the album, and for some pretty interesting facts about John, the album and his music, go to his biography on his website.  Scroll down to read about the development of Slice and the story behind the music.

P.P.P.S. My personal favorites on Slice are “Notes to an Unknown Soldier” (such a moving tribute to those serving our country), “Hope”(for when I need a pick me up), and “Augie Nieto”(mostly because Augie Nieto is fun to say).