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10 Things I Learned in DC

1. If you want to take a “long-cut”, follow Marshall.  He will always make sure you take the longest route possible.

2. My kids enjoyed these two things more than anything else: riding the metro and riding on a boat*.
(We can accomplish both of those tasks by driving a mere two hours from the house.  Just sayin’.)

3. The people at the Omni Shoreham Hotel** really know how to treat kids with families!

4. Strolling from one monument to another while a gentle breeze blows and fireflies light your way?  Pure magic.

5. Yes, Marshall, that actually is a fox staring at us as we walk past a small field in downtown DC.

6. We should not attempt a trip requiring such a long drive until all participants can understand and execute the command “Hold it!”

7. I really do have a sophomoric sense of humor.

8. Chipotle is as awesome as everyone told me it would be.

9. Having the worst head-cold evah can be cured by a trip to the spa.  (Thanks, Marshall!!)

10. I need a sauna at my house.***

*Ok, so the boat tour at sunset was really nice!  And the kids pretended to be captains and drive the boat, which was adorable. (Especially when Carter talked all firm and serious with his chest puffed up!)
**NOT an affiliated link or a paid advertisement.  I just really loved the hotels and their services.
***No, really…I could actually breathe after being in there!