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Dealing with the Difficult

Amazing Grace.

How many times have I sung that song?
How many times have I talked about grace?
Or referenced it in conversations or lessons I’ve taught?

How glibly I let the words slide off my tongue,
Without a second thought.

Amazing Grace.
How sweet the sound?

It should be sweet.
Grace should be amazing.

But so often I am wrapped up in things, things that side-track me
And leave me feeling bitter instead of sweet.

As a parent and as a teacher to teens, I find that:
There are times when I feel like I am too lenient.
There are times when I snap too quickly.
There are times when I ignore things that I should have spoken up about.
There are times when I should have just let it go, but didn’t.
There are times when I want to throw my hands in the air and say “I.give.up.”

But somewhere deep within I hear a whisper.
Amazing grace, Bridget.
Amazing grace.

Unmerited, undeserved blessings.

Unmerited, undeserved love.

Unmerited, undeserved.

It saved a wretch like me.

And it’s my responsibility to share that grace, show that grace.

It’s not always easy.

But it’s what I’m called to do, called to be.

God, help me be graceful.