Trading Spaces

For the past few months my “big” kids have been begging for bunk beds.  I have to admit that the idea of bunk beds is really fun and appealing.  But I also know my children, and I worry about broken bones and concussions when they eventually jump off the top.  I’m not completely against the idea, but it just stresses me a little.

Also…it’d be really nice to have a separate space for the new baby.  When Lydia was born, she and Carter shared a room by necessity and it was difficult to keep him asleep when she woke up in the middle of the night.  (She ended up spending her first few months sleeping in the hallway, actually.  In her infant carrier.)  (I know, I know…)

If we split them up this way, the “big” kids will have one room, and the little ones will each have their own space on the other side of the house.  That will(hopefully) mean that we can have two slightly different schedules so that everyone (except me, I imagine) will get adequate sleep time.

Moving Asa to Carter’s room is a no brainer.  It’s car-themed and he already loves to write on the chalkboard track painted around the room.  And he’s really just getting into the train table, so that’ll be fun.

Lydia’s room is up for grabs.  It’s pink, so if the baby is a girl we can pretty much leave it as it.  If the baby’s a boy, a coat of paint should do the trick.

But the big room(which is about 14×14)…I have no clue.  What color?  What theme?  How elaborate?  My creative juices just won’t start flowing this time.

I generally don’t like:

  • primary colors
  • painted murals
  • character themes(like Spider-man or Dora)
  • super-minimalist/modern look
  • super-country/shabby chic look

I generally do like:

  • plaid/madras prints
  • greens and blues
  • easily identified storage spaces for toys
  • starting with an IKEA bed and embellishing it
  • putting in some work to get a good result
  • happy, smiling children who sleep in their own beds]

So…ideas people.  I need ideas…

One Response to Trading Spaces
  1. Liz Sanders
    June 26, 2010 | 10:50 am

    Oh I love the Madras idea and Pottery Barn Kids have some awesome quilts! I’m going to get our oldest the madras quilts from there. A little pricey, but will last forever!
    I was a little nervous about getting our boys bunk beds but they love them. i hate having to make up the top bunk but Peyton does a pretty good job at it. Oh and Ikea has some awesome stuff. Rooms to go Kids also has great bunk beds that’s where we got ours. they have these huge leaves that you can put up like canopies. They are adorable. I can’t wait to see the end result!