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It’s a…(Part Deux)

(I can’t help but think of Hot Shots: Part Deux, which is a totally klass-ay movie that I would never watch or laugh at.)

So I now have approximately 2,456 people mad at me because of my previous post.

But I will say that approximately 75% were good guessers this time.

It looks like baby #4 is a GIRL!

We’re super excited and I’m starting to pull out my boy stuff for consignment.
But I realized last night that I should also consign some of my girl stuff because Lydia was born in August.
This baby will be born in January or February.
(Hopefully not February because I’m a horrible speller and it always trips me up!)
And since those are two TOTALLY different seasons, the new Little Miss will need new clothes.  🙂

Also?  I’m pretty pumped about not having to paint the bedroom.
And getting to re-use the adorable little girl bed that Lydia is about to graduate out of.