Weekly Winners

Harvest Moon

Both of my boys with their war wounds

Best cookies evah(recipe from Smitten Kitchen)

Lazy Lounging

21 weeks and scrub pants(all wrapped up with a bow)

Falling rains bring falling temperatures

Rediscovering Old Toys Together

Iron Ivy Lantern

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9 Responses to Weekly Winners
  1. Secret Agent Mama // Mishi
    September 26, 2010 | 8:49 pm

    Cute baby bump! And kids. And food. And ivy lantern.

  2. Tara
    September 26, 2010 | 9:11 pm

    Make them stop growing! Good grief all three look so much older! (And I still love your mad photography skills!)

  3. Maggie
    September 27, 2010 | 12:23 am

    These are gorgeous shots! I love the moon. And the cookies. And the kids. And, well, all of them.

  4. Denise
    September 27, 2010 | 3:52 am

    What fun shots!!

    That Harvest Moon is breathtaking.

  5. domestic extraordinaire
    September 27, 2010 | 5:35 am

    Okay what happened to Asa….also love the moon pic! Trees block my view of the low moon, I always say I am going to go somewhere else to shoot it but I always forget until I see it hanging low in the sky.

  6. jen
    September 27, 2010 | 4:41 pm

    oh that moon is gorgeous…your pictures seem so serene, love the green colors too!

  7. Missy
    September 28, 2010 | 9:38 am

    Great photo’s & cute kids. I love the moon photo.

  8. Rebecca at Toothwhale
    September 28, 2010 | 10:04 pm

    That Harvest Moon shot is incredible. I hope your boys are healing quickly.

  9. Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith
    September 29, 2010 | 7:30 pm

    Love that moon!