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2010 Holiday Mini Sessions

Well, folks…I think I’m finally gonna do it.
I’m dipping my toes in the photography pond by doing a few holiday mini-sessions.

Often for the price of your session, a set number of printed holiday cards will be included.
But I like the idea of being able to make/print/do my own cards, so instead you’ll be getting a digital copy of your pictures!

So here are the details!
(I’m so excited about this!!!)

I will have 9 mini sessions available on the Friday after Thanksgiving(Nov 26) at Standing Rocks Farm.
Each session will be 20 minutes long and cost $50 for up to 5 people.  (Each additional person will be $5.)

The $50 price will include not only the session time, but also 2 fully edited digital photos for you to print as you please.
If you are interested in purchasing more of the images, they will be $10 per digital image
Or you can purchase a disc containing all or the edited images for $75.

Available times are 8am, 8:30am, 9am, 9:30am, 10am, 4pm, 4:30pm, 5pm, 5:30pm.

Time slots are available on a first come, first serve basis.
The session fee is due at the time of booking.

I know that this is “black Friday” and I know a lot of folks are going to be out of town.
But I also know that this is a day that many people spend with family.
Here’s to hoping all goes well!

(Many thanks to all of the people who have encouraged me to do this!)

I (heart) homemade.

If we’ve ever talked about where I find great gifts, I’m sure you’ve heard me mention Etsy.

And if you’re into social media at all, I’m sure you’ve heard of it.
But I talk to a lot of folks who have never heard of Etsy.

So what is Etsy?
Etsy is like a big, huge international arts-and-crafts fair without the crowds of people.
You can go and browse for tons of different handmade products
OR you can find craft supplies
OR even stumble upon fun vintage items.

It really is one of my favorite places to find beautiful, unique, adorable and (usually) very affordable gifts.

And although I really love making gifts myself,
I also love supporting other artists who make beautiful products.

So when you start working on that Christmas list, be sure to check out Etsy!

ALSO…Have you seen an idea in my 12 Crafts of Christmas series that you loved
but don’t have time to make yourself?
Just let me know and I’ll be happy to make it for you!
Contact me via email and I’ll get back to you with a price for each item!

This is not a sponsored post at all.
I just really really love Etsy-especially the few Etsy shops I linked!

12 Crafts of Christmas {Freezer Paper Stencils}

Blog, meet my newest addiction:  Freezer Paper Stencils.

I originally saw this post and knew for sure that I wanted to make this shirt for both Lydia and the little Diva.
And after reading the update at the end, I did a little googling about freezer paper stencils.

Guess what?  There are tons of tutorials and about 100 different ways to explain how to.
But it is really really easy, and doesn’t take too long!

For the example shown here, I hand-drew the stencil BUT you can easily run the freezer paper through any ink jet printer,
which is what I did for all of the ones in the last picture on this post.
And although it would be much easier to do with a Silhouette,
it is definitely somewhat cathartic to sit down and cut out all the little pieces by hand.

So…you only need a few things for this craft: an item you want to personalize(all shirts shown here, but you could do any fabric item), freezer paper(usually found in the grocery section near the wax paper), scissors, non-dimensional fabric paint(I used Folk Art Fabric paint from Joann’s), paint brush(I like to use the cheap foam ones) and an iron.

Draw or print out whatever image or words you want to stencil on the matte(not shiny) side of the paper.
You can get some really great ideas by going to google images and searching for “line art” of whatever you’re interested in.
For example, the guitar at the bottom of this post was found by googling “guitar line art”.
Here I drew Peace*Love*Georgia…’cause even when we lose to Florida, we’re still Dawg fans around here.

Cut out your stencil.  You will be cutting out the black parts(the lines) and throwing them away.
(I accidentally colored in a full heart, which is why I did save that one black piece.)

With the shiny part DOWN, iron on the big part of your stencil.
Don’t worry about the little pieces right now.
But don’t loose them!  They go on next.

Iron on “the insides”, also shiny side down.

Get out your fabric paint and paint brush.
This is when you need to MAKE SURE that you have something inside the shirt(like cardboard or a magazine)
to keep the paint from bleeding through to the other side of the shirt/item.
Um…that’s the voice of experience speaking there!

(Also, you can do multiple colors and multiple layers, but it’s a little more time-consuming and difficult.
Email me if you want more directions on that!)

Paint on the freezer paper stencil, fully coating the fabric but careful not to paint off the edges of your paper.
I usually do one well-saturated layer of paint.
However, if you are doing a light color on a dark shirt, you may want to let it dry and paint another layer.

Once the paint is dry, peel off the little pieces first.
(I honestly don’t know how long it takes the paint to dry.
But with my first few attempts I took the stencil off too early and smudged it.
Now-because I’m so impatient-I paint it and then go to bed.
If I’m asleep, I’m not tempted to pull them off too soon!)

Now slowly peel off the big part of the stencil and YOU’RE DONE!

See some of the fun shirts I’ve made so far?

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