Daily Archives: 3:52 am


Another milestone has come and gone.
Another change-not too subtle,  but subtle enough for me to miss it.

All of sudden, it seems, I realize that I no longer feel your kicks and bumps.
Now the day (and night) is full of squirms and stretches.

How did I miss this change?
I can’t even begin to tell you when you moved from one stage to the next.

For the record, I am never good at this.
When baby books leave a space for you to write  “Baby’s First Word”,
That little date line following it haunts me.

I don’t know when you said your first word!
I’m not even certain what your first word was!


Is the first word the first sound you make that happens to sound like a real word?
If so, then Carter spoke his first word (milk) at 4 months.
But that doesn’t count, does it?
Because it was accidental and  he didn’t do it again.

So sorry, kid.
I tend to miss a lot of milestones.
They pass me by and then I’m all “HEY!  You really are saying ‘ball’!”

I guess all these major milestones-first word, first steps, first this, first that-
Are kind of like growing…
When you see someone all the time, you don’t see them growing.
You don’t notice that they’ve gotten taller
(Until you have to buy new jeans).

And so yet another milestone is passed.
And yet again I’m kind of sad I “missed” it.

But I know for sure I’ll remember the day you’re born.
And I know that I’ll remember tidbits and snapshots of everyday life with you.
And that?  That is what is really most important to me.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away.” -unknown

You will take my breath away.
You already do.