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I know I promised to have the laundry done, but…

It’s no surprise that with 6 people in the house our laundry gets backed up.
But usually we keep it barely somewhat fairly under control.
Every now and then I’ll make a statement to Marshall that sounds something like this:
“Just leave it for tonight.  I promise I’ll get it done tomorrow.”
(Because, see?  Laundry piled everywhere drives him nuts.
I, however, just find it more convenient to wear clothes out of a slightly undirty clean pile.)

I don’t know why I still say that.
I know better than to say that!
Because every time I do, something happens.

And today?  Today it was a bird that got me distracted.
Not just any bird, but a bird who got stuck in my kitchen!

It’s a gorgeous day here and I was working on few clothing stains.
(There are so many ways to get out stains!  I had no idea!)
I had applied a paste I made and had the items on the patio table to get some sun.
(Side note:  It worked!!)
Asa was playing happily on the porch.
Even the dogs were content to lounge in the sun.

I left the door open so that Asa and the dogs could come in an out.
And the next thing I know there’s a bird zooming around my kitchen.
I didn’t even see it come in, but she surely made her presence known once she was there!
Flying around in circles while pooping.
Calling out to her true love who was outside calling back to her.

And like any good blogger, I grabbed my camera.
And then I called for help.

I called Marshall; he still had several patients to see before lunch.
I called my dad; he was on the road headed the opposite direction of my house.
I called my friend; she didn’t answer.

Well, crap!
What do I do now?

My friend called back and a few minutes later I get this text from her:
bird rescue team on the way. we have a pool net and a bat.

(Man, I love her!)

While she and her daughter were on the way, I watched and tried to take pictures.
You’ll notice that they’re all a little fuzzy.
Yeah, apparently birds scare me so much that I can’t stop my hands from shaking.

But you’d be pretty shaky, too, if a bird  came at you like this:

He flitted and flew all over my kitchen while I was waiting on reinforcements to arrive.
Apparently birds are nervous poopers.
Who knew?

(I have a lot of cleaning up to do.
Because it was IN MY KITCHEN.
And EEEEWWWW gross!)

(P.S. Marsh, can we go out to dinner tonight because I’m pretty sure I won’t have it disinfected in time to cook.)

By the time they got here, he’d settled into a spot
And I’m convinced that he was plotting my demise.
I mean look at how he was glaring at me.

And look at those claws!

I narrowly escaped death by bird, I tell you.
When C & her daughter ran my doorbell, I nearly jumped out of my skin.

They came in.
C had her pool net.
Her daughter had a bat.
And I ran in the yard and got one of the toy butterfly nets.

We opened up all the windows and doors.
C chased at him with the pool net.
I hopped up on a chair and tried to catch him when he flew away from her net.

And, by luck alone, I swung and swooped him into my net.
(If you’ve ever seen me play soft ball, you know it really was pure luck.)

I jumped out of the chair and started towards the door and then I froze.
I was trying to say “Grab the camera!” but I honest-to-goodness could not formulate words.

“Take him out!  Go out!” they were yelling.

I rushed him out and shook the net a few times and guess what?
He didn’t fly away.
I was all “Oh great!  I killed him!”
But I apparently only stunned him.

He perked up and started trying to fly away,
but I’d swooped him up with such force that his beak was stuck in the mesh of the net.

He struggled.
I shook.
He struggled some more.
I shook harder.

And finally he broke free and flitted off.

So, Marshall…I’m sorry I didn’t get the laundry done.
I was trying not to get killed by a bird.

And I may have also been a little distracted by this:

and this:

(Dang, they’re cute.)