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10 Years, 10 Clues

As of tomorrow, Marshall and I will have been married for 10 years.
We don’t usually do much for our anniversary, but this year?
He’s taking me on a mystery trip!

Each day, I get one clue.

So far I have:
1. We will fly Delta
2. The hotel has 31 floors.
3. The weather there is forecasted to be better than the weather here.
4. The flight will take no more than 3 hours.
5. There is a river near where we are staying.
6. We will be remaining in the Eastern Time Zone.
7. It’s a city I’ve been to before.
**I’ve been to a fair number of cities on the East Coast, so that really doesn’t help me out all that much.**
8. Dress code for the event Sunday: a  Sunday type dress, but not “churchy”
9. Weather Forecast:

Low Saturday night: 65
Sunday: High 79/Low 65, Partly Cloudy, 20% chance of rain
Monday: High 84, 0% chance of rain.

10. (I’ll find out the city once we get to the airport.)

A package was delivered yesterday with the mysterious tickets.
And although I’m pretty excited about the mystery destination and the mystery plans,
I am most excited about taking a trip with just the two of us!

Have you ever been on a mystery trip?  Where’d you go?