Daily Archives: 3:20 am


Tomorrow’s the big day.
I can.not. sleep.
Worse than a child on Christmas Eve.

But while I sit here and anticipate the fun we’ll have on our trip,
I am also replaying the day in my mind.
We went to see Marshall’s grandmother.

The one who was both a lady and a “Gaga” long before most had ever heard the name.

The one who has lived a long, beautiful life.

The one who is delicately elegant, even as she greets death.

The one who has loved and supported and cared and shared with such great passion,
Who has demonstrated true strength and real Christianity through actions and not just words.

And while I will mourn her when she is gone,
I am anticipating for her, with her…

“I don’t know if there are harps in heaven
Or the process of for earning your wings.
I don’t know of bright lights at the ends of tunnels
Or any of these things…
But I know to be absent from this body
Is to be present with the Lord.
And from what I know of him,
That must be very good.”
What Do I Know, Sara Groves