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Why I Edit Photos

I know that there are some people who prefer not to use photo-editing software.
If it’s not “right” in camera, then you’re just out of luck.
But I see this software as an easier-to-use-and-less-chemical-ly dark room.
I don’t do a lot of editing out spots or fixing blemishes (but you can do so fairly easily).
But I certainly crop and I do play with color, exposure and saturation .

For example, this is a picture of Carter SOOC (straight ouf of camera):

It’s just fine but it’s not what I actually saw when I was looking at him.

What I actually saw was this:

I bumped up the exposure a little, gave it a little more yellow glow, and brought out the black a little.
All minor adjustments, but I think they made a big impact.

But I’m not always going for the exact look that I saw in real life.
Sometimes I want it in black and white or to give the picture a certain feel or tone, like this:

I use Lightroom for almost all of my editing, because it is so user friendly,
but if you are just wanting to do a few adjustments on your own photos?
I would suggest using

I edit photos just like I edit my writing.
What you see here in this space isn’t the rough draft or the original shot,
I edit because I want to share the best I can.
But, with writing or with photography, sometimes you get everything right and there’s nothing to edit.
That always feels good.
(But it doesn’t happen often!)

Do you edit your photos?
Why or why not?

*This is not a paid review post nor are those affiliate links.
I just really love Lightroom and I think that Picnik is a great option for everyday kinds of pictures.*

Happy birthday, Love.

You, my love, are five years old today.
Five – I can hardly wrap my mind around that.
I feel like we somehow skipped year four.
Has it really been a year since you rode horses with Jess?

A whole year of preschool behind you, Kindergarten now looms ahead.
I worry about you.  (Needlessly, but still…I worry.)
Assertive and talkative at home, you hold back when you are out.
You know what you want and you are certain to go after it.
But you do it quietly, discreetly.
When you think no one is looking, you chat with your friends…
Using your vivid imagination, you lead your peers into a Utopian play world.
One glance from an adult, however, leaves you quiet and reserved.
You appear unsure, but you aren’t.
You are taking it all in.
Absorbing everything around you
And analyzing it over and over and over again.
(I know because I have a habit of doing the same thing.)

But you can also be tough and stubborn and unstoppable.
(I know this, too.  I see it
You dive right in and keep the boys in line.
You don’t hesitate to tell me when I’m wrong (or when you think I’m wrong).
You are kind and loving and caring, always wanting to help the littles.
You feel every thing so deeply, love so fiercely.
You are unapologetically you.
And I love that about you.
(And maybe even envy you a bit.)

Keep it up, my big girl.
Keep on being you.
Because you?
You are amazing.
And I love you.

Happy birthday, love.