Daily Archives: 1:07 pm

To Do

I wake up and start jotting down my to do list, in random order:

  • dishes
  • laundry
  • move train to Asa’s room
  • call Daddy about doll house
  • call friend who just had surgery
  • get soup in slow cooker
  • rearrange bonus room
  • more chores
  • more chores
  • etc.

And I get up and move over one load of laundry, get morning drinks and breakfast served.
Then plan to start on the list.

Instead, however, I find myself answering questions and refereeing disagreements,                                                                             changing diapers and assembling (and reassembling) the train track (again).                                                                                                    (At least I got it moved, right?)

And I find myself frustrated with them, frustrated with me.
Wanting to yell, “Can’t I just get ONE thing done?  Just ONE thing?”

But I take a deep breath, scratch the to do list and make another one:

  • Play with the doll house with Lydia
  • Read The Body book with Carter
  • Watch the train go ’round and ’round and ’round with Asa
  • Have a tea party with Anna Alden
  • Fix lunch and eat it under the table with the children
  • Put the baby down for a nap and do an art project with the bigs
  • Blow up the punching bag toy (again)
  • Watch Asa beat the snot out of it
  • Go through all the Disney apps on sale with the big two
  • Upload new apps onto their ipods
  • Get tonight’s soup in the slow cooker

Instead of frustrated, I’m happy.
Instead of crying, we’re all laughing.
Instead of clean, my house is a disaster.
(And I’m okay with that.)
(For now.)