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Piece of Peace

Up late.  Again.
Here I am at the eleventh hour,
writing a piece about peace.

(How do I always let deadlines creep up on me?)

As I quickly scroll through scripture and gloss over words,
I take note that – for now – my house is extraordinarily peaceful.

The children have long since drifted off.
Marshall retreated to bed moments ago.
And after sitting stagnant for quite sometime, I have finally hit my stride.
I’m finally on a roll!
A passage spurs a thought.
One thought spurs more.
And we’re off to the races!

And then I hear her begin to whimper –
My little miss who decided that two naps was one too many and was therefore miserable for half the day.
A whimper quickly rumbles into a cry and then and out-right scream.

Just let me finish writing this!
I’m almost done.
(At least I would be if I could have a little peace and quiet!)

I curse him under my breathe.
(Although there’s no one here to hear it, so why do I bother whispering.)
He can hear her.  I know he can!
I try to press on, but those perfect little thoughts begin to evaporate right in front of my eyes.
I grasp at what is still there and jot down broken pieces of thoughts, hoping that I will be able to salvage them.
(But knowing that I won’t.)

I finally give in and stomp to her room.
I hope to goodness he hears me and my overly dramatic sighs.
(But he won’t.)

And, yes, I know how silly it all is.
I am aware of the aburdity in my mind.
And most times I would just laugh it off.
But tonight?
Tonight I am tired.
Tonight I am overwhelmed.
Tonight I am ugh.  Just ugh.

I’m trying to savor the moments with my baby girl…
Because I know she wont be a baby for long.
And one day I’ll miss this.
I know this to be true!
But right now?
I am juggling too many things.
I am out of sorts and not quite myself.
I am am give slap out.
I try to fake it til I make it, but it’s not working.
I am frustrated with her.
I am frustrated with him.
But mostly, I am frustrated with me.
Why?  WHY?  Why can’t I let it go?
Why can’t I sit in this moment and just surround myself with the good?
With the warmth of the babe in my arms and get lost in the big, dark eyes looking up at me?
I want to.
But something’s in the way.

And I close my eyes and listen to the short and shallow sound of her breath, in and out. in and out. in and out.
And I drink in each gulp.gulp.gulp. and she drains her bottle.
And I take a big, deep breath
And there it is again:

no time to grab the camera

no time to write it down
just time enough to breathe it in and linger…

Without a word, I hold her and I rock her.
And I match my breath with hers.
And we look at each other.
I kiss her perfectly puckered lips.

And with the weight of her body against my chest,
I realize that without ever feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders, we could never understand freedom.
Without moments of chaos, exhaustion, and frustration, we could never appreciate peace.
Without bad moments, we would never be able to really comprehend the good.

And there, ladies and gentlemen, is my piece, my article, my post.
You know the one I was working on so fervently and then got side-tracked?
Yeah…this is better than what I was going to say anyway.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.
I do not give to you as the world gives.
Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

Thanks be to God.

I’m linking up once again at The Extraordinary-Ordinary for Just Write.

12 Crafts of Christmas {DIY Personalized Welcome Mat}

I just looked up prices for personalized coir welcome mats and Y’ALL!
Those things retail for anywhere from about $30 to OVER $150!
You’re gonna walk on it!
And get it dirty!
On purpose!

And the craziest thing is that this took me approximately 10 minutes from start to finish.
Marshall can verify that this is the fastest craft I’ve ever done.

Start out by designing and cutting out your stencil.
(I have a Silhouette machine and lots of vinyl, which certainly makes this easier;
but last year I didn’t have a cutting machine and I hand cut stencils out of contact paper.
This doesn’t make it harder, it just makes it take longer to do.)

Once my stencil was cut out, I stuck it onto the mat and smooooooshed it around until it was stuck on well.

Then I covered the rest of the area with painter’s tape.
(I tend to get a little over-zealous with spray paint.)

While I was shaking the paint can, I danced barefoot on top of the rug.
This is an essential step!
(No, really!  It is!  The stencil wasn’t very well stuck until I did that.)

And then spray painted…

After wating about 5 minutes, I pulled off the stencil.
I love the way this turned out!!

Now, admittedly, I bought the cheapest mat I could find and it may not last long,
but I wanted to try it on something inexpensive before I invested anything.
But if I were doing it again (and I will!), I’d get a higher quality mat.
Which, ya know, would increase my overhead a little.
But still…not to $150!

(Also?  I’m thinking my next one may have a little something like this on it.)
12 Crafts of Christmas 2011
1. Personalized Necklaces
2. Button and Lego Wall Art
3. Personalized ClipBoards
4. Fabric Covered Wire(Wall Art) 
5. Stationary
6. You & Me Books
7. Personalized Welcome Mat
8. Personalized Dessert Carrier
9. Kid’s Artwork Cup
10. Ornaments
11. Sewing Tutorials
12. Photo Display Block

Hello, Tello!

Our elf arrived sometime in the middle of the night last night.
The kidlets named him Tello.
Each night Santa says “Hello, Tello” and Santa and Tello laugh heartily.

I’ll (hopefully) be updating this post with Tello’s pictures.

Last night(Dec 1) he brought the tree in, set it up, and got it ready for us to decorate.
There was lots of whistling, as I recall.  (Tello is a master whistler, in case you didn’t know.)

Takin’ on the angels and snowmen in Georgia’s smallest snowball fight.

Clean up, clean up!  Everybody everywhere!


Zoom!  Zoom!  Zoom!
Around the room!  room!  room!

Character reading of “Aliens in Underpants”!


Tello is one cold fellow!

Sugar Crash


Missing home



Gone Fishin’


Dropping by Bethlehem

Just Hangin’ Out

Craft with Bridget

You asked, I answered!

I’ll be having a craft day at my house on Sunday, December 11 from 1pm until we get done!
I’ll have materials available to make some of my Crafts of Christmas(even ones I haven’t posted yet!)
Or you can bring your own crafts to work on.
I’ll have my Silhouette machine available for use, metal stamp set,washers, ribbon, blank stationary, wire & fabric scraps.
If you know there is one specific thing you want to make, please let me know so I am sure to have everything you need.

I’ll also have lunch available for those who want lunch.
(It’ll be good, I promise!)

If you’d like to register for Craft with Bridget, you can do it here (through PayPal) or drop off a check at my house.
There are three options to choose from below.
If you want to eat the lunch and use my craft supplies, you’ll choose the $20 option.
If you want to eat lunch and use your own craft supplies, you’ll choose Lunch only option for $10.
If you don’t want to eat lunch but do want to use my craft supplies, you’ll choose Craft only option for $10.

When you check out through PayPal, it will let you leave a note to the seller.
Click on that and let me know the following:
If you plan on eating, please let me know of any dietary restrictions.
If you plan on doing one of my crafts, please let me know if there is one that you have your heart set on doing and I’ll make sure I have those supplies.

Craft with Bridget