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Late for Lent

I typically take Lent very seriously.
The symbolism weighs heavy on my heart and always pushes me into a cycle of introspection.
I’ve given up a variety of things.  (Diet Coke, meat, yelling, makeup).
I’ve also taken up some things. (Kindness, giving, living purposely).

But this year I was overwhelmed with getting ready to leave my family behind for 5 days
And I was in Nashville on Ash Wednesday and it just kinda flewrightbyme before I realized it.
And then I got home and I was hugging and cuddling and editing and uploading.
(I still haven’t completely unpacked.)
And I kinda convinced myself that it was too late.
If I didn’t start on DAY ONE, I can’t start at all.
But that’s silly, isn’t it?
The point of Lent is not that we deny ourselves something just because we’re “supposed to”
But because of the self-examination it provides us.
(And it will take much more than 40 days for me to complete the process of self-examination!)
And so now, nearly two weeks late, I’m finding my stride again.
And I am sitting here with pen and paper and writing.
Writing for me, but also writing for God.
And they are words that will stay in the holy of holies of my heart.
And they are words that will be written down and tucked away.
Whispers from my heart to my God.

So for Lent, I give up nothing but my time.
And I will use it to glorify my God with words that aren’t big enough or bold enough or sacred enough.
But my God knows that it isn’t the words that matter, but the heart behind them.
And that heart is big enough, bold enough, sacred enough.
That heart is enough…
I am enough.
Because I was created by God.
And so were you.

Thanks be to God!