Lean on Me

Motherhood isn’t always happy and sunny.
Probably more accurate: Personhood isn’t always happy and sunny.

But right now for me, for us…it is.
Right now life is good.
It’s very, very good.

And yet…that broken part within me keeps waiting.
I keep waiting on something – I don’t even know what – to mess it all up.

I’ve encountered some things that would usually topple me over.
We’ve dealt with some issues that easily could have chipped away at each of us.

(And I am so, so very grateful.)

But even when life is happy and sunny, it’s not without hurt.
I look at my friends who are in hard, dark places.
And I ache for them, my chest heavy with empathy.
I want to pull them out of the shadows into the sun.
I want to say words that will soothe the soul and free the mind.
I want to hold them up until they realize that they can do it on their own.

But that’s not how it works.

And so I pray.
And I support as best I can.
And I just let them know I’m here.
Because even in the dark (or maybe especially in the dark) all we really want to know is that we aren’t alone. 


One Response to Lean on Me
  1. Kimberly
    May 2, 2012 | 11:57 am

    Beautiful. and I love you 🙂