Good Morning Giggles

My hand holds, animated just above her head.
I know where all of the best tickle spots are (and she knows it).
She grins and squeals as I come in for my attack.
And then as I get the little spot under her arm, she guffaws –
A big, hearty laugh that would be nearly indecipherable from her big sister’s if I weren’t looking straight at her.
Laughs turn to giggles and she scrunches up her nose.
“Mah-may,” she calls, begging for more tickles.
Soon enough she will learn “again”
And will say “Mommy” like the others.
But today?
Today I am still “Mah-may” (and gladly so).

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One Response to Good Morning Giggles
  1. Jil
    June 12, 2012 | 10:27 am

    This made my morning! Thank you for sharing! I so miss those days.