Daily Archives: 2:54 pm

Monday, Monday

It was a beautiful – but long – weekend and we are having difficulty finding our stride again.
There are whines and tears and eyes being rubbed, and we all need naps.
I snap at little things and let big things slide simply because they don’t seem worth it.

No food in the house and no energy to go to the store.
Mount Laundry seems insurmountable.
The dog whimpers and whines, and my heart rate inches upward.

I don’t like being on edge, but I’ve been toeing the line all day.
I hide in the car to get two minutes of silence.
Listening to my breaths, I try to be grateful that these are my problems.
(For they could be much worse.)
But still I sulk.
And pity myself.
And cry a little.

Oh, Monday…
I give.
You win.
(Now show some mercy, would ya?)