A Letter to the Birthday Boy (a few days late)

We snuggled close at the end of the day, at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Having a birthday so close to Christmas means we’re almost always on the move for your big day. You don’t seem to mind, and I hope you never do. For now it seems like an adventure for you, I think.

You said prayers. And then said them again – not because you were afraid they didn’t stick, but because you weren’t ready to close your eyes and end the day.

After the last “Amen” I asked: So what was the best part of your birthday?

You paused briefly, then crinkled your nose and squinted one eye and cocked your head and smooshed up your little lips (as you do) and said: The playing.

I love that you liked your toys, but I love more that you liked sharing your toys with the others.

In big families, very few things are yours and yours alone. There’s always lots of sharing (or, some days, shouting over) toys. Last night we celebrated your birthday at home and then let you stay up after all the others had gone to bed just so you could play with your toys by yourself. You liked them, but you laughed and smiled more when the others were playing with you. Oh, the lessons I could learn from you, my little one. Joy is even more joyous when shared, or something like that.

Happy birthday, my laid-back lil adventurer.
I love you so.
Love, Mommy

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