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Maddie Mosaic

This is yet another post about Maddie Spohr.

Heather has taken thousands of pictures of sweet Maddie and shared them on flickr.

I took over 300 of those pictures and did a photo mosaic.

Give it just a minute to load…it’s a very big file.


Click on the photo to enlarge,

then click on the enlarged version to see the little pictures.

Want a photo mosaic of your own?  Want to help raise more money for Mike and Heather?  Click here!

For The Spohr's

Standing in the cool breeze of the night,
I send wordless prayers to God.
Wishing the wind could take my love, my prayers, my heart all the way to California.
And wishing that it could bring back some of their heartache, their pain.
Wishing I could help them carry it all.
Knowing I can’t.
Willing to do all that I can,
But there’s nothing left undone.
Dear God, hear my silent prayer..


Today, with all the sadness surrounding little Maddie Sphor’s death, I’ve been amazed at the power of the web.

People all over the world have posted about Maddie today.

Plans are being made to remember Maddie.

People have given money to help with Maddie’s funeral costs.  (If you’d like to give to that, go to paypal.com, click Send Money.  Enter the email address formaddie@hotmomreviews.com and the amount you’d like to give.)

At one point today, Maddie’s March of Dimes fundraiser site was getting an average of one $20 donation every 30 seconds! It’s now reached over $13,000.

Hell, we even got Jimmy Fallon to tweet @mamaspohr (Heather).

All of this made me start to think about the definition of friends.  Dictionary.com defines a friend as “a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard”.  I think it’s obvious from the outpouring today that there are feelings of affection for Maddie, Mike and Heather.

Maggie said it better, but no matter how many people look at me like I’m crazy when I talk about my “bloggy friends” or “Tweeties”…I will no longer apologize for talking about the friends I’ve met online.  I will not let myself feel self-concious for asking you to pray for them.  (I wouldn’t if I was asking for a friend I know in real life!)  These people are real, and they’re real friends.  Just think of Twitter as the watercooler for my stay-at-home job.  But unlike most people, I get to chose my co-workers.  I bet you wish you could do that, huh?  🙂