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The store cashier to Tucker:  Have you been good this year so that Santa will bring you some good toys?

Tucker: Well…….I’m good now.

Howdy, Partner!

cowboy tucker   cowgirl emmie   cowgirl ella

Tucker has been talking about cowboys at school, and yesterday he came home with a cowboy hat.  Here are just a few of the pictures we’ve taken with the hat.  It’s really been funny! (You can click on each picture to see an enlarged view!)

Turkey Art

ThanksgivingCraft01 ThanksgivingCraft02

Lydia made a really cute turkey at school out of a toilet paper roll and a coffee filter.  Today, Carter and I made a pumpkin turkey.  You just find a pumpkin that sits so that the stem is in front instead of up top(so that it looks like the beak).  Cut out “feathers” from fall-colored papers and tape them to bamboo skewers that you use for barbecuing.  Then you just stick the skewers into the pumpkin, draw on some eyes, and you’ve got a fun Thanksgiving Pumpkin Turkey!