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I needed a smile. I needed a laugh. And I needed some sweet, cute music. 

I’m a dork. I’m aware of this. I live a fairy-tale life. I’m aware of this, too. But I wasn’t quite so clued into this fact until tonight.

We went to see “Enchanted” at the movies. I haven’t been to the movies in a while(I LOVE movies, but we just don’t get there anymore…I don’t understand why!) Marshall and my parents went with me, as did a few of my friends. At one point I leaned over to Jenn, and told her, “This is what life is like in my head.” I wasn’t kidding. But I’m sure she was thinking…maybe the anesthesia just hasn’t worn off yet!

 But the movie was cute.  I love any movie where people spontaneously burst into song.  Maybe only my musician friends do this, but I spontaneously burst into song all the time.  My whole family does.  Does that make us weird?  Definitely.  But what family doesn’t have issues, right?  At least we have issues sung to the tune of “Zip-a-dee-do-dah!”

But before you come to the conclusion that I’m completely nuts, I must confess that I haven’t ventured as far as singing to the “woodland creatures”, or in this case sewer rats and roaches, to help me clean the house.  (Note to self: try this in the morning!  I’ll do anything at this point to have a clean house!)

 But, seriously, it made me smile.  It made me laugh.  And it made me feel better.  That’s what’s really important right now.  I was once again reminded(in a rather “animated” kind of way) of all the good things I have in my life.  I have a Prince Charming.  I have children who(for now, at least) still think I am a princess with magical powers.  I have faith in love and goodness.  And I have a song in my heart, and at most moments in my head as well.  It’s part of who I am…and it’s a part that I like.  And although there have been-and will be more-bumps in the road to “happily ever after”, I hope I never lose that fairy-tale ending dream.

*Special Note to Jennifer & Kimberly, Lili, and the Jester girls:  This is your kind of movie.  You should really go see it!  🙂