The Polar Express

This past weekend we went up to Bryson City, NC to take a ride on the Polar Express!  It was a long drive, but we had a lot of fun.  When we go again, however, we’ll make a weekend of it(maybe go to the Biltmore house, too??) and take the night train.  That way you can see all the lights actually ON when you go by all the little houses on the way to the North Pole.  It wasn’t quite as magical in the daylight!  Also, according to some things I’d read elsewhere, depending on where you go, you may or may not actually stop and get off at the North Pole.  This is one of the trains where stop and pick up Santa.  You don’t get off and go to him.  I thought we did, so I was a little disappointed by that.  But…the kids had fun, as you’ll see here.  One of Tucker’s friends(and his mommy, who is a friend of mine) joined us on the trip.  Isn’t he a cutie??

[slideshow id=936748722500851737&w=426&h=320]

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