Breakfast with Santa

My friend Noelle and I took Tucker, Emerson, and Ella to Haddock to have breakfast with Santa at Trish Ann’s.  We left Friday after Noelle got done with school, and we got there in time for dinner(good planning on my part!).  We got to see Gramama & Pops, Nana & Papa, and Tony & Carol.  We all got to stay up late, which was a fun treat for the kids!  So…we all slept late(r), which was a treat for the mommies!  🙂 

We got up and went to Trish Ann’s antique store in “downtown” Haddock(if you’d like to call it that), and had a yummy, yummy breakfast.  The kids had holiday-shaped pancakes with syrup, bacon and fruit.  The adults had a delicious quiche, also with fruit and bacon.  And while we were eating, guess who showed up??  That’s right!  Santa.  We tried to get pictures with Santa(we did get one from the photographer, but don’t have it yet…I’ll add it to this blog when I do get it), but they weren’t too into that part!  Ella held tight to Noelle, and didn’t want to have anything to do with that bearded stranger.  Emmie was not too happy when I tried to sit her down, so I sat with her while Tucker talked to Santa.  Those of you who are around Tucker a lot know that he never shuts up.  Well…maybe Santa should go sit with us in church, because I couldn’t do anything to get him to talk!  I couldn’t even get him to talk about Thomas the train!!

 Anyway, we don’t actually have any pictures from the breakfast, but a few from just hanging out at Gramama’s house.  Enjoy!

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