Daily Archives: 10:07 am

I'm trying. Really I am.

Ok…I know this house needs to be clean.  I know that we need to get it on the market ASAP.  And in order to do that, we have to clean, paint, finish all those unfinished projects.  But I can’t even seem to get everyone in a clean diaper simultaneously.  Tucker’s doing fairly well going pee on the potty.  If you force him to go to the bathroom.  Left to his own devices, he’ll pee all over Rescue Pack, and make him disappear!  For those of you without pull-up knowledge, there are little images that disappear when you pee on them-Rescue Pack from Diego is currently the image in danger.  It’s been a really good thing to try to tell him: Don’t pee on Rescue Pack.  He’ll go away and never come back.  Maybe I took things a little too far when I had a funeral of sorts, memorial service really since Rescue Pack was no longer with us.  But it seems to have worked.  No more peeing on poor, dear RP.  I just wish they could develop something similar for the backside; then we’d be in business!  But I do have to admit that while I am sick and tired of changing diapers, it is easier in some ways.  I currently don’t have to stop eating to take him to the bathroom.  Or leave my cart full of groceries in the middle of the aisle.  Or leave church in the middle of a prayer.  That kind of thing…

 Anyway, back to the original subject: cleaning.  I promise I try.  But I get side tracked.  Charlie & Lola is a really funny cartoon!  And I like all the new toys we got for Christmas.  I haven’t yet tired of fishing, playing in the castle, trying to figure out what sounds the animals in our zoo set make(really, what sound does a giraffe make??  Zebra??  Maybe I should Google it.).  And then, of course, is my Christmas present: Netflix.  Wonderful, addictive, and not for people who have more to do than time to do it in.  I’ve had it for less than a month and have already gotten 5 DVDs.  I really shouldn’t have gotten that until my to do list was a little smaller.  Yeah, right…a smaller to do list.  Will that ever happen? 

 Well, I really am going to clean off the shelves.  I have help coming in tonight to work on my unfinished projects.  I absolutely without question must clean up(I really have been watching too much Charlie & Lola!) so that we can get the baseboards down.  I’ll post more once the house is cleaned to perfection.  Ok, well…maybe just cleaned to a point of reason.