Poopie Post

We’ve finally got poop in the potty!  The poor boy stayed on the potty all day long, even wanted to eat breakfast and lunch in there…who knew he was so committed??  But we took a break to nap(and wore a diaper, which was dry when he woke up), and after that success.  The smell of sweet success…or whatever you want to call it!  🙂  He wanted to call some people, so we did.  He wanted balloons, so we got some of those.  He said he wanted to eat with Daddy(who was on call), so we did that.  I asked him if he wanted Chinese food(one of the very few options available), and he started to cry: “I don’t want shiny food!!”  No shiny food, little one-just sesame chicken. 

 And amidst all the potty excitement I forgot to mention how well Emmie’s been doing with her talking.  She knows so many words now, and will repeat most anything.  Her favorite words are: guh-gher(Tucker), gink(drink), go-go(Diego), nyeah(yeah), luh you(love you).  I love to hear her say “luh you mommy”.  Talk about heart warming!  She’s a heartbreaker, I tell you!  🙂

 I’ve got to go pack lunches…goodnight all.

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