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I'm ready to go home.

As much as I hated Augusta when we first moved here, it’s really grown on me.  I made friends here.  I have local restaurants that I love.  The shopping’s good(probably too good, actually).  I love my house.  I love my job.  And I will miss all of these things when we leave.  But that being said, there are days like today make me more homesick than ever.  I’m sick.  Marshall’s sick.  Emmie’s fussing.  Tucker’s being belligerent.  And I need help.  I want my mommy.  And I know that she’ll do whatever it takes to help me out.  But I still feel bad calling her.  I know that as soon as I hear her voice, I’ll cry.  (She has a way of doing that to me-in a good-I-love-you-no-matter-what way.)  And I’ll ask her to come, and she’ll come if she can.  And she’ll be happy to do it.  Because that’s what mommies do.  But in just a few more months, it won’t be quite such a big deal when I need help.  Instead of being 2 hours away, she’ll be 2 minutes away.  Instead of sending me “Get Well” flowers(like she did today-did I already say she was an awesome mom??), she can give me “Get Well” hugs-which everyone knows is much better!  I just can’t wait to be back home…I miss it.  And all that goes with it.  Only 5 months to go!  Watch out Haddock…here we come! 

 **Update:  I did call…I did cry…she is coming.   Thank the Lord for great mommies like mine!**

Somebody really reads my ramblings!

excellent2baward.jpg  Look, folks!  I got an award!  🙂  My friend Kate (her husband was in med school with Marshall) who is a mom and writer now living in the Atlanta area gave my website an “E for Excellent” rating.  Thanks, Kate!  I’m glad to know that at least 3 people regularly check out my site(that would be Kate, Monica and Cindy).

 The rules for getting this award are that you must award the “E for Excellence” award to at least 10 other websites that you find excellent.  So…here they are, in no specific order:
Kate’s other website
Pace Family Website (How adorable is little Becca??)
Jenny Waring Photo Blog (She’s an amazing photographer!)
Jennifer Mullinax Photography (Another phenomenal photographer.)
My Five Little Monkeys (Witty and comical writing about life with one set of triplets and one set of twins!)
Cindy’s CityStreams Blog (our cousin who is a teacher and mom to an adorable little girl)
Peapod Squad Stuff (Blog of friend and fellow mother who has adorable 3 year old triplets)
Confessions or a Pioneer Woman (I don’t actually know this chick, but she’s really funny and I love to read her blog-as do millions of other folks!)
Fun, Crafts & Recipes (there’s some yummy stuff on this one!)
Enchanted Learning Crafts (You’ll never have to look anywhere else to find a craft idea! There are hundreds of ideas here, most of which are free)

Sick of being sick!

Here we go again!  I can not believe that I am sick AGAIN!  This time it’s a cold…but not your run-of-the-mill-I-feel-pretty-darn-crappy cold.  It’s a I-think-I-might-die cold.  Or, if you prefer, an I’d-give-up-my-right-arm-to-not-cough-again cold.  My throat feels like someone has used sandpaper on it.  My nose is all stuffy, yet runny at the same time.  I had to sleep(read: attempt to sleep, which didn’t happen too much) with 3 pillows just so I could breathe.  And my ears now hurt, apparently from the excessive amount of coughing which has rendered my whole upper respiratory tract an inflammed mess.

 BUT…we finally got the house on the market yesterday.  I had some ladies come and clean, which did make me feel a bit better knowing that I didn’t have to do that!  Now I just have to clear out a few more boxes, bags, and a dresser(many thanks to my friend Jesse, who is allowing me to store my “clutter” in her spare room!).  Our realtor came by yesterday at the height of my yuckiness and decided not to take pictures since I was sprawled out unattractively on the bed, and there were toys strewn all over the place.  I’m thinking she may have to come on a Wed morning while the kids are at school to get pictures without toys strewn all over the house.  Do you know how hard it is to keep toys put away and have a constantly presentable house with a 3 year old and two 1 year olds in the house???