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Emmie's new words and phrases

“Ho-ee caow!” (Holy cow!)

“I uhv yaou” (I love you)

“Maw-mee” (Mommy)

“Ish Eesh aah” (Ms. Felicia, her teacher at MDO)

“ouse” (mouse, but specifically the mousiest of all mouses: Mickey!  She’s in love!)

“mmm ouse cub ouse” (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

“tay-toe hedt” (Mr. Potato Head)

fill in any name too-ted.  (person-of-the-momenttooted.  Sometimes this is a true statement, other times she just says it!)

More to come for both Tucker and Emmie as I remember them!

Tuckers (mis)pronunciation's

“Ah…Click! Take a piss!”  (from Diego.  It’s supposed to be “Ah…Click!  Take a pic!”)

“ca-plice car” (police car)

“caploney” (bologna, which he doesn’t even eat…he’s talking about Lunchables turkey pieces)

 “Ashley Cake” (his friend Ashley Kate)

The ability to quote is a serviceable substitute for wit. -W. Somerset Maugham

Most of you know how much I love a good quote.  Well, honestly, it doesn’t have to be that good for me to like it…I’m also a sucker for the insanely ridiculous!   And I can only hope that these quotes can be used to make me look witty someday!   🙂

Click here to see my list of quotes: from us, from movies, from random places…

Finally an Emmie story!

Tucker seems to get more “screen time” on my blog simply because he talks more.  But Em’s pretty funny sometimes, too!  This past weekend we were visiting my parents.  After Tucker got a haircut, he and Gramama went to get a treat since he “only cried a little bit”(much better than before, but still some tears).  So Emmie and I were alone.  Now Tucker does go to school one day that Emmie doesn’t, but I always have Ella on that day, so Emmie and I are not accustomed to much time alone together.  Apparently she’s also not accustomed to shoe stores(we usually just get her shoes at Target).  We walked into The Shoe Department and she gasped, then oh so quietly and reverently said, “shooooooes”.  Uh-oh…it’s already begun!

Happy Heart Day!

                         vday03.jpg              vday01.jpg             vday04.jpg

For Valentine’s Day we got sunglasses and necklaces for Tucker and Emmie.  They think they’re so cool.  So do I, actually…I mean really, what other guy do you know who can pull off wearing big ol’ set of chains and smooth sunglasses while swinging around a multi-colored set of keys??  And, in case you were wondering, Emer’s practicing for her “candid I’m-a-celebrity-and-just-stepped-out-for-an-frappucino shot” for People when she’s older…


I know that I’m a dork.  I know that there is more to life than TV.  But come on, I only get a few hours a week of wonderful, grown-up, non-Dora-or-Diego TV time, so I miss it when it’s gone.  But it’s coming back, and I’m beside myself!!!

According to the AP, writing will resume on Wednesday, with some shows planning to be aired as early as mid-March!  Hip-hip-hooray!!

Family Trip

It’s not very often that I can convince Marshall to join us for an afternoon trip.  But the weather was so nice today, and the offer to go to the zoo was one that was just too good to give up!  So, we all piled in the car after lunch and headed to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC.  We LOVE this zoo!  It’s small enough to go and see everything in just a few hours, but big enough that they have a good assortment of animals.  It’s also the cleanest zoo I’ve ever been to, which was nice!!  Anyway…we had fun, laughed and smiled a lot, and learned some things, too.  I’m always surprized to learn something new every time I go there!  Anyway, here are the pictures.  And below the pictures are the amazing facts that I learned today!!

[slideshow id=936748722506152566&w=600&h=475]

*Riverbanks Zoo has a new joey(baby koala seen in the slide show above) named Oz.  Oz is the son of Lottie and Great, and he is 8 months old.  He just ventured out of his mother’s pouch in late November, so he’s still new and tiny!  Oz is Lottie’s second joey.  Her first joey died at 9 months.  It is very common(73% of the time!) for a first-time mom’s joey to die.   Glad I’m not a koala!

*Giraffes have the same number of vertebra in their necks as humans; theirs are just larger.

*Giraffes do make noises, but mostly subtle ones: grunts, snorts and soft whistles.

*African elephants have four toes on each of their front feet and three toes on each of their hind feet. (Is this why they are Tucker’s favorite???)

*Elephants cannot jump.  (I guess I should have just known this intuitively, but it’s still kind of a cool fact…Emmie can’t jump either.  Any relation there?? Just kidding!)

We're alive.

And feeling somewhat human again. 

The house is clean(finally), and people are coming for the big party tonight. 

I’m so glad everybody is well-ish!

At least he does what he's told.

Marshall:  Tucker, give those back to Ella and tell her you’re sorry.

Tucker, while handing over the toys to Ella: You’re sorry!