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The ability to quote is a serviceable substitute for wit. -W. Somerset Maugham

Most of you know how much I love a good quote.  Well, honestly, it doesn’t have to be that good for me to like it…I’m also a sucker for the insanely ridiculous!   And I can only hope that these quotes can be used to make me look witty someday!   🙂

Click here to see my list of quotes: from us, from movies, from random places…

Finally an Emmie story!

Tucker seems to get more “screen time” on my blog simply because he talks more.  But Em’s pretty funny sometimes, too!  This past weekend we were visiting my parents.  After Tucker got a haircut, he and Gramama went to get a treat since he “only cried a little bit”(much better than before, but still some tears).  So Emmie and I were alone.  Now Tucker does go to school one day that Emmie doesn’t, but I always have Ella on that day, so Emmie and I are not accustomed to much time alone together.  Apparently she’s also not accustomed to shoe stores(we usually just get her shoes at Target).  We walked into The Shoe Department and she gasped, then oh so quietly and reverently said, “shooooooes”.  Uh-oh…it’s already begun!