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Inspiration Needed

Here it is 10pm on Saturday night, and I’m sitting at the computer trying to figure out what to do for Sunday School in the morning!  What a slacker!  No…not really.  I honestly have been working on it all week.  We decided to teach along with the lectionary scriptures during Lent without having an actual prepared lesson book. (What was I thinking???) All had been going well until this week: Jesus heals the man blind from birth, John 9:1-41.  I’ve read that scripture at least 30 times this week.  And I just keep staring at it, thinking about it, checking out my usual resources online…nothing.  Until tonight.  I finally found something that inspired me.  And you know what?  I checked to see the time it was originally posted just because I was curious as to why it didn’t show up in my earlier searches.  5:30 this evening.  Maybe I’m just really tired after a really long and crazy weekend.  Maybe it’s that I’m PMSing and emotional.  Maybe I’m just a perfectionist who can’t leave things undone.  But I think it’s pretty incredible that I looked at about 3 this afternoon, found nothing, and decided to give up.  I’ll just fly by the seat of my pants…see what happens, I thought.  But then, after everybody here was already in the bed and I was dying to crash too, I thought I better go make one last ditch effort.  And I did…and I found this blog which inspired me.  Here’s to hoping for a good class tomorrow.  Goodnight, all!