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Emmie's 18 Month Pictures

I was a little behind on taking these, and then my computer crashed so I couldn’t get anything off of my camera and downloaded for you to see.  But I’ve now cropped and clicked and played around with the pictures, and they’re ready for you to see!

[slideshow id=936748722507762980&w=600&h=475]


My camera is back up and running!  I should have new pictures posted soon!

I’m also hoping to get some videos posted soon, too, so keep your eyes out for that!

More Emmie-isms

“Juss chicken” (Just kidding)

“arm dildoe” (armadillo)  [Nice, Emmie…nice…]

 “puh-see” (Percy-the train) [Use your imagination, folks…it sounds just lovely when you say it aloud!]