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Who needs sleep when we've got love?

One of our favorite albums right now is Jack Johnson’s new CD.  It has a nice, mellow sound.  The lyrics don’t always make sense to me, but he sings it so well that I don’t even matter what he’s rambling on about!  But one phrase I noticed in the song “Sleep Through the Static”(you can hear it  here by clicking on the title of the song), is: Who needs sleep when we’ve got love?

I guess that’s kind of been our catchphrase for a long time while Marshall’s been in residency…but it was nice to hear it sung!  And just about the time we get out of residency(56 more days) and settle into a pattern of “normal” non-resident life and think that we have time again for adequate sleep, we’re going to find ourselves in another situation which will cause us to once again sing this mantra: we’re expecting a new baby around Christmas.  Who needs sleep when we’ve got love? 

We’re excited, and we hope that all goes well.  I’m confident that things are progressing normally because I’ve had more than a few moments of “morning” sickness, usually late at night.  Our first actual OB appointment isn’t for a few weeks, but we’ll post the sono picture for those of you who are interested in that kind of thing.  Tucker kind of gets it.  He says that we should name the new baby “Emmie”, so I’m not sure he’s grasped the concept completely.  Emmie is just as clueless as Tucker was at her age. 

And, yes, the though had crossed our minds to wait a while before telling everyone, considering what happened last time.  But we decided that should we have another miscarriage, it’d be nice to have all those prayers again.  Pregnancy is exciting, and I’m not very good at keeping secrets anyway!  So…check back here for progress reports not only of the pregnancy, but of the kiddos we already have.  They’re quite a trip!  I’m going to try to do better about blogging consistently.  I love to read blogs, but my favorite ones are the ones updated frequently!  Here’s to babies and blogging!