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Wow…what a weekend!

And I don’t even have pictures! 

On Friday night we drove up to see Marshall’s parents.  We ate at one of my favorite restaurants, but I had a pregnant moment while was there and ended up being completely repulsed by the food I’d wanted so badly only moments before.  That’s on of my biggest gripes about pregnancy.  I hate that you can want something with such passion, and then the moment you set eyes on it, you feel like you might just hurl.  Not nice.  And I’m not a “craver” usually.  When I’m preggo, I can be hungry, starving and not be able to think of anything that sounds remotely appealing.  Annoying.

Anyway, Saturday was a great day for all of us.  Marshall’s parents kept the kids for us while we drove to ATL for a wedding.  The kids and in-laws had fun because they got time together to go to the park.  They fed the ducks and saw lots of animals-the bear and llama seem to be the kid favorites. 

We had fun because we got to go to a wedding unlike anything we’d ever seen before.  The wedding itself was pretty typical of American Catholic weddings, but the reception was amazing.  It was at Magnolia Hall in Piedmont Park.  And what made this shin-dig so different for us was that the majority of the attendees were from Nigeria.  What an exciting culture!  The aunts, uncles, and special friends of the groom brought gifts for all of the attendees.  We left with a bag full of fun goodies like an egg tray, hand towels, decorative plates, a bath towel, a tote bag, a notebook…the list goes on!  You all know how much of a sucker I am for free stuff!  🙂 

 The food was delicious.  And we had to leave to get back home just about the time the Nigerian music started.  Man, what a beat!  I wish we could have heard more!!  Everyone was so friendly and beautiful in their traditional dress.  The women wore these beautiful headdresses, which I now know are called “gele”. (You can see something similar to what the women were wearing here.  This is the same family, but a different celebration.) I started to use the word hat or headgear, but headdress is much more appropriate.  I’m telling you, these things were so beautifully wrapped and crafted.  I secretly wanted to wear one, too!  🙂  I hate that I didn’t have my camera!!  (I left it at home???  I can only claim pregnancy brain!)  Anyway, the ceremony and party were both beautiful, as was the bride who is an old friend of mine from home. 

OH!  Talking about free stuff a minute ago reminded me that during Mommyfest 2008, I WON something!  Kaye over at Mr. Nespy’s World had a give-away for a “Mom Journal” seen here (the bottom, solid bright pink one).  The front of it reads: “Mom’s Journal: My kids drive me nuts. I drive them everywhere else.”  And it is apparently “helps mom keep track of schedules, medical information, and important phone numbers”.  So…I should get my “winnings” in the mail soon!  Yay!

Oh!  And since I’m a loser and didn’t take my camera to the wedding, I’m going to see if my friend Tara will let me link you guys to her website once her wedding pictures are up!  Cool wedding…must see!