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Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Confession: I LOVE birthdays. 
Not just mine, but anybody’s really. I love gifts-buying and getting. I love cake and ice cream(if it’s good cake and ice cream). I love hearing people who don’t usually sing sing “Happy Birthday” at the top of their lungs. I love the fact that every person gets a day to celebrate all on their own(unless you’re a multiple, I guess…but that’s different…multiples have some kind of bond so they don’t mind sharing birthdays, right??). 

So…on to the point: MY birthday.  I turn 29 today!  Yay for me!  I know people say at some point birthdays become not a big deal, or that you don’t want them to come or whatever.  I hope I’m never like that.  I want to always love my birthday, or as I like to refer to it: Queen Bridget Day.  Seriously, that’s how I have it written in my calendar. 

Several folks have asked me what I want for my birthday.  And while I love to get stuff, I saw a great idea at The Spohrs Are Multiplying that she stole from her friend Casey.  Since most of you are not able to sing “Happy Birthday” to me in person or make me or cake or at least buy me some cake from my favorite cake place in the world, The Boll Weevil, I thought it would be fun to have a “comment cake”.  That’s right!  All you have to do to make me happy is leave me one little comment.  But this isn’t all about me, you know?  I also want to hear something exciting about you-something nobody else knows, some great deal you got at TJMaxx, some big event in your life, or something just down-right funny.  Hurry up, stop reading and start writing!

Gotta love kids!

Me(wondering where Tucker is and why he’s so quiet):  Tucker, what are you doing?
Tucker(who is 3 1/2): Playing with my penis.
Me: Why? 
Tucker: I want to.  (Long pause.)  Emmie doesn’t have a penis.  Isn’t that sad?  I think we need to go to the store and get her a penis.
Me: Girls don’t have penis’; they have vaginas.
Tucker: Do you have a china?
Me: Yes
Tucker: Do chinas make you want to go to the store?
Me: Um…I guess so.

Hair, Hair…long beautiful hair.

Ok…yeah, I’m a music dork.  But when I saw a hair contest online(via Heather over at The Spohrs Are Multiplying, who is a pretty funny chica), the first thing I did was to break into song: 

Shining, Gleaming, Streaming, Flaxen, Waxen.
Flow it, show it, long as God can grow it.  My hair.

But after I got done with my mini-rock out moment, I realized that it might be fun to have the “hair savant” at Hair Thursday take a whoorl at my hair.  If you any of you know me IRL, then you’re well aware of my hair cycles.  I let it grow out to hippie length, do nothing with it other than pull it back.  Then I get super-annoyed with the fact that all I ever do is put it in a ponytail-which is very comfortable and practical, but not very pretty.  So I cut it.  And when I say cut, I mean cut…super short, do-nothing-to-it hair.  Ugly hair.  Terrible hair.  And then, because it’s so short, it takes ages and many uglier stages to grow back out!  I know I do this.  You know I do this.  Why doesn’t somebody stop me next time??????

So anyway, the deal is that Casey is sponsoring a hair transformation contest.  You post pictures of your hair-the good, the bad, the ugly.  Casey will pick the winner.  Sarah will feature the winner on the Hair Thursday blog.  Readers will vote on the hair options.  And then(here’s the best part) Casey will pay for the winner to go to the salon!

So…here goes:
The good:  
Eventhough it’s a bit wind-blown, I love how the curls really stand out,
and I love the way the sun brought out all the red!

The bad, the ugly: 
My computer crashed, losing a lot of my pictures. 
I would normally have LOTS of bad, ugly hair pictures. 
But…this is the one I had the easiest access to.

Seriously, what was I thinking with the itty bitty pony tails??  Never a good idea. 
Also never a good idea: overalls, which you will notice I’m wearing.

And here’s my hair as it is today-long, stringy, and always pulled back:
(well not technically today because I’m covered in paint and have my hair in-you guessed it-a pony tail)




Last call!

I kind of can’t believe it!  Tonight will be the last time Marshall sleeps at the children’s hospital!!!!  After 5 years of him being gone at least once a week, it’ll be almost weird to have him home every night.

It's (almost) official!

Tonight was Marshall’s “Hail and Farewell” (graduation-type) shin-dig.  They hail the incoming interns, and say farewell to those finishing residency.  He’s now, for all intents and purposes, a “real” doctor!  Here’s the proof:


**For those of you who don’t know how the whole medical system works, you get accepted to med school where for 4 years you are a student…half of that time is spent in a classroom, the other 2 years are spent shadowing attendings and residents.  Once you graduate from medical school, you are a resident.  The first year of residency is called an internship.  You are an intern, the lowest of low…except, of course, for the medical students.  After intern year, depending on your specialty, you spend 2 to 4 more years being a resident.  Still learning, but gaining more and more independance.  Then you finish your residency and become a “real” doctor.  Unless you want to specialize even more…then you go on to a fellowship and spend even more time watching, doing, learning, and not sleeping.  Marshall, THANK GOODNESS, is not going any further. **

So…tonight we were able to reflect on the past few years, and see Marshall in his acting debut. (If I can get the footage from Hiral, I’ll post it…it’s funny!) 

We saw the “whole gang”.  These people, the graduating class of 2008, could be in charge of your child’s healthcare:


So…thanks to all the many of you who have prayed for us, loved us, helped us, and encouraged us during this journey.  It’s been long, and we’ve changed quite a bit since we started this med school journey back in 2001.  We’ve had 2 dogs, 2 children, 2 houses, 4 different cars, 8 different jobs, 2 family deaths, 1 miscarriage, and a partridge in a pear tree.  Eventhough it’s been long, it’s been fun…don’t we still look happy?


                                             2001                                                        2008


Poor Marsh…

The end of residency is all but here (only 10 more days!!!!!!!!!!), but it still seems to be light years away!  There are parties planned, dinners to attend, boxes and boxes and boxes to pack, and a house to clean.  (It helps that I have an over-abundance of things to do, really.)  But, as much as I’m trying to enjoy this time, all I can do is think about how much time is left!  Almost all of my friends are on vacation right now, so there’s no one to chat with or meet for lunch or roam around Target with me. 

**Although last night my one in-town friend and I discovered a new restaurant called Crums on Central.  If you’re in the area, it’s over on Central(duh) where Cafe du Teau used to be.  The chef is formerly of Takosushi, but it’s not Takosushi-ish food at all.  It’s southern comfort food with a fancy flair, and it’s quite delicious!**

Anyway, back to the “Poor Marsh…” part of my ramble.  He is aware of how much he works…and he hates it.  He hates that he’s gone from the house so often.  He hates that he frequently misses bed time.  And he hates that on call nights leave him so exhausted that he’s not worth much the whole next day, even after a nap.  But, as we keep telling each other, it’s almost over!  But he tries so hard to make up for his absence when he is around.  He gives baths, does bedtime, plays at the park, reads books, acts like a monster, plays train and tea party, all the things the kids love!  So I know that-since he can’t help it, and since he tries so hard to make up for his time away-it really hurts when the kids seem to notice that he’s away so much.  The hardest part is that Emmie has started to make little comments.  Ones that are kind of cute, but heart-crushing for him.  Poor Marsh…  A few weeks ago the kids woke up and Tucker asked if Daddy was at home.  Emmie said, “No…Daddy at woah-k(read: work).  Daddy a-ways at woah-k.”  Poor Marsh…  Then today we were headed up to the hospital to have lunch with him.  As we pulled into view of the hospital, Emmie squealed, “We going to Daddy’s house!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!  We going see Daddy at Daddy’s house!!!!!”  No, he doesn’t live at the hospital, but it does sometime seem like it, sweet pea!  Poor Marsh…

So, to Marshall(I know you read this), I just want to say:  We love you.  And although we do miss you when you’re not here, we appreciate all you do to make time for us.

  • We love coming to eat lunch with you.  I assure you that it’s not the cafeteria food that brings us back again and again. 
  • We love post-call days when you can nap with us.  There are very few things more wonderful than all piling in the bed and taking a nap together. 
  • We will miss coming up to visit you in the resident’s lounge when you’re on call.  Once again, it’s not the box of toys which are missing half of their parts or the huge TV or the free drinks from McDonald’s; it’s fun to see you in your element.  You are a good doctor.  Not that I should be surprised, but it always makes me proud to see how awesome you are.
  • Thanks for napping with the kids post-call so that I can run child-free errands.  I know you work hard when you’re on call, but it leaves me as a single parent for 2 days(how do single parents do it????).  And I appreciate that you understand that after 2 days I need a break from being a mommy, just like you need a break from being a doctor.  You nap, the kids nap, I get errands done-it’s a win-win situation!  Thanks for doing it so often!!
  • And the best part:  You only have TWO MORE CALLS after tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hurray!!!


Who would steal a carseat?????

So I am rushing everyone out the door this morning, trying to get to my OB appointment on time.  I pop open the doors to the van with the clicker and send the kiddos out to get strapped in.  (Have I ever mentioned to you guys how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Honda Odyssey??  They can get in by themselves!! And all I have to do is click a few buckles and we’re on our way!)  But today I hear Tucker say, “I can’t get in my seat, Mommy.”  Frustrated and running late(as usual), I snap, “Just get in.”  “I can’t!” he repeats.  And sure enough, I look out and his seat is gone.  GONE!!  Completely gone.  Emmie’s seat is still there.  Our stash of in-car DVDs are still there.  All of my CDs are still there.  Who would break into a car and steal just one carseat?  This is ridiculous, right???  I page Marshall in a complete panic, not sure what to do.  Do I just buckle him in a big-boy seat and risk the short drive to the doctor’s office?  Do I wait on Marshall to bring me a carseat home?  Do I call a friend to keep them while I go?  So Marshall returns my page, panicked himself because I used the *1 code which means CALL ME RIGHT NOW!!!!!  I begin telling him the whole story and start to ask him what to do when all of a sudden I burst into laughter.  I have not been a victim of some crime.  Nothing has been stolen away from me-except maybe a few braincells. 

See…it all goes back to yesterday.  Marshall was on call and the kids and I spent a fun afternoon with some friends at the pool.  I made the mistake of putting underwear-wearing Tucker in the car without making him go potty first (after he’d injested half a pool of water).  He, of course, peed in his seat.  So I got home, took out the seat with great intentions of washing it.  But…one thing after another happened and I ended up completely forgetting about the carseat.  Until this morning while I was on the phone with Marshall.  The most embarrassing part of the whole story is that the seat was RIGHT BY THE DOOR the WHOLE TIME!!!!!!!  I walked past it at least 4 times during my moments of panic, going into and out of the house.  So apparently nobody would steal a carseat, but somebody is fo-sho stealin’ my brain cells.  I’ll give you one guess who that might be: (s)he is the reason we were going to the doctor in the first place; (s)he definately has a viable heartbeat that the kids and I heard today via fetal doppler; and I’m a little worried that (s)he may come out as a cleptomaniac.

P.S.  The computer is back, but we are not at full capacity.  Do you know how many crappy things you have to install on a computer to get it “usable” again???  How can I post pictures of anything if I can’t edit them and make them look “purty” on Photoshop?  Can I survive without my Gmail Notifier in my toolbar alerting me of all my new emails??  I think not…hope to have all that back soon-just in time to take the stupid thing back apart and move.  We’re inside the 2 week mark now!

Pants-free Update

Ok…my computer is STILL DEAD and still at the computer hosptial, so I’m borrowing a computer to pay my bills.  And I figured since I was online anyway, it couldn’t hurt to just take an hour or two a few moments to check out all I’ve missed in the blog world.  Wow!  A lot happens in 7 days!

A lot has happened at our house, too!  We have a (nearly) potty trained child!  He has done really well with peeing in the pot.  If any one has any magical solutions on how to get him to poop in the potty instead of his nice, new, wonderful Lightening McQueen underwear please speak up!

It wasn’t easy going at first, I assure you.  On Monday I probably cleaned up 40 puddles of pee, and 2 poop accidents.  After Monday I gave up on Em(she’s still a bit young, really).  The main reason I gave up on her is because she was completely traumatized by a poop accident.  We were in the living room and she pooped a little on the floor.  I said, “That’s ok…just run to the potty and you can finish.”  So as we were rushing to the potty, another bit of poop came out and she turned to me, with a look of sheer panic on her face and said, “OH, NO!  I’m falling apart!”  So I decided it wasn’t worth my child thinking that she was falling apart just so I wouldn’t have to deal with diapers anymore.  She’s not even two…give her time, right? 

But Tucker, oh, Tucker…that took some finagling!  On Monday and Tuesday we tried(again) stickers for peeing, stickers for pooping, toys for success, singing songs and dancing, pretty much anything I could think of.  But by Wednesday I knew we needed a new plan.  This was just not working.  Without the help of my friendly Google search to guide my way in the potty training world, I was up to my own devices.  (What did people do before computers??)  What finally seemed to work was not getting some sort of reward for actually using the potty, but getting a reward for staying dry and clean.  So…each time we went to the bathroom, if he was dry and clean, he got a sticker…just for not peeing or pooping in his pants.  It seems to have worked fairly well…if you take out the 2 poop accidents per day!  The only downfall now is that instead of asking to go to the bathroom when he needs to pee he says, “I need to go get a sticker.”   Guess I should let the nursery workers at church in on that little code, right?

I. hate. computers.

My lovely, wonderful, new computer is broken…again.  And they say it’ll be at least 3-5 business days until it’s back from the computer hospital.  Lovely.  So in case any of you are just dying to know what we’re doing…we’re going to be having “Pants-Free Week” at the Ivey household.  Tucker is old enough to be out of a diaper.  We’ve tried stickers, puzzles, charts, prizes, timers, everything I could think of to try-all to no avail.  So a friend of mine said she had the same problem with her son(he just doesn’t care AT ALL if he has on a dirty diaper!) and they did “Pants Free Week” as a last resort. (And it worked!)  I figure since Emmie’s got a little interest in the potty, we’ll work on her, too…so even though I won’t be around, know that I’d much rather be online than in the bathroom with my pants-free kids!  🙂

"Why do I…" Wednesday

You may have noticed that recently I joined the “Wordless Wednesday” bandwagon.  But I’m not very good at being wordless.  So, I’ve decided that I’ll rotate between “Wordless Wednesday” where you get a picture with no words, and “Why do I…” Wednesday.  On “Why do I…” days I’m going to try to address reasons I do things.  Like why do I blog, take so many pictures, want to have so many kids…things like that!  So…for starters, I’m going to focus on something that’s been travelling around the blog-o-sphere:  Why do I blog?  Through the website of my friend Kate, I found this post.  And a few days later I ran into this blog by my friend over at CityStreams.  So after seeing those, I started to wonder…why do people blog?  Why do I blog?  Well, a quick Google search will give you thousands of responses to that first question.  My favorite thing I saw while perusing the results from my Google search was this.  I don’t know this Anne Matthewson person, but I like what she has to say:

Herman Melville put it best when he said, “We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results.” A perfect description of blogging, don’t you think?

I started blogging some years ago largely to pass time and share experiences. A small part of me, however, was selfishly hoping for admiration and affirmation; a shallow attitude I’ve long abandoned. Eventually, I discovered the joy found via “invisible threads” and “sympathetic fibers” – those human connections made along the way. Blogger tend to be a lovely comfort of strangers.

So after I tried to avoid the question I’d posed for myself by reading about other people, I figured I might as well take a stab at it.  I now know why other people blog, but what about me??  I don’t have a big “following”, although I’m finding out that I have a few “lurkers” out there! 🙂  So it’s not the feedback I’m searching for (although it is nice).  (Hint, hint: leave a comment.)

I think, for me and for millions of other people, blogging is just theraputic.  Typing out all my thoughts is much cheaper than paying a therapist!  You guys get to hear things that I would otherwise often only tell my bestest buddies or Marshall.  I would never probably never admit that I was in over my head to you guys if we were face-to-face. And I know that I would never bring up this topic in polite conversation. (Well, maybe I would…but I wouldn’t talk about it to just anyone!)  But here in bloggyland, there’s a freedom.  Freedom to speak freely.  Say what I think.  Talk about what’s on my mind.  And there is so much more on my mind, but it is time for me to go to Vacation Bible School with the kiddos…so maybe more on this another “Why do I…” Wednesday!