Pants-free Update

Ok…my computer is STILL DEAD and still at the computer hosptial, so I’m borrowing a computer to pay my bills.  And I figured since I was online anyway, it couldn’t hurt to just take an hour or two a few moments to check out all I’ve missed in the blog world.  Wow!  A lot happens in 7 days!

A lot has happened at our house, too!  We have a (nearly) potty trained child!  He has done really well with peeing in the pot.  If any one has any magical solutions on how to get him to poop in the potty instead of his nice, new, wonderful Lightening McQueen underwear please speak up!

It wasn’t easy going at first, I assure you.  On Monday I probably cleaned up 40 puddles of pee, and 2 poop accidents.  After Monday I gave up on Em(she’s still a bit young, really).  The main reason I gave up on her is because she was completely traumatized by a poop accident.  We were in the living room and she pooped a little on the floor.  I said, “That’s ok…just run to the potty and you can finish.”  So as we were rushing to the potty, another bit of poop came out and she turned to me, with a look of sheer panic on her face and said, “OH, NO!  I’m falling apart!”  So I decided it wasn’t worth my child thinking that she was falling apart just so I wouldn’t have to deal with diapers anymore.  She’s not even two…give her time, right? 

But Tucker, oh, Tucker…that took some finagling!  On Monday and Tuesday we tried(again) stickers for peeing, stickers for pooping, toys for success, singing songs and dancing, pretty much anything I could think of.  But by Wednesday I knew we needed a new plan.  This was just not working.  Without the help of my friendly Google search to guide my way in the potty training world, I was up to my own devices.  (What did people do before computers??)  What finally seemed to work was not getting some sort of reward for actually using the potty, but getting a reward for staying dry and clean.  So…each time we went to the bathroom, if he was dry and clean, he got a sticker…just for not peeing or pooping in his pants.  It seems to have worked fairly well…if you take out the 2 poop accidents per day!  The only downfall now is that instead of asking to go to the bathroom when he needs to pee he says, “I need to go get a sticker.”   Guess I should let the nursery workers at church in on that little code, right?

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