Who would steal a carseat?????

So I am rushing everyone out the door this morning, trying to get to my OB appointment on time.  I pop open the doors to the van with the clicker and send the kiddos out to get strapped in.  (Have I ever mentioned to you guys how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Honda Odyssey??  They can get in by themselves!! And all I have to do is click a few buckles and we’re on our way!)  But today I hear Tucker say, “I can’t get in my seat, Mommy.”  Frustrated and running late(as usual), I snap, “Just get in.”  “I can’t!” he repeats.  And sure enough, I look out and his seat is gone.  GONE!!  Completely gone.  Emmie’s seat is still there.  Our stash of in-car DVDs are still there.  All of my CDs are still there.  Who would break into a car and steal just one carseat?  This is ridiculous, right???  I page Marshall in a complete panic, not sure what to do.  Do I just buckle him in a big-boy seat and risk the short drive to the doctor’s office?  Do I wait on Marshall to bring me a carseat home?  Do I call a friend to keep them while I go?  So Marshall returns my page, panicked himself because I used the *1 code which means CALL ME RIGHT NOW!!!!!  I begin telling him the whole story and start to ask him what to do when all of a sudden I burst into laughter.  I have not been a victim of some crime.  Nothing has been stolen away from me-except maybe a few braincells. 

See…it all goes back to yesterday.  Marshall was on call and the kids and I spent a fun afternoon with some friends at the pool.  I made the mistake of putting underwear-wearing Tucker in the car without making him go potty first (after he’d injested half a pool of water).  He, of course, peed in his seat.  So I got home, took out the seat with great intentions of washing it.  But…one thing after another happened and I ended up completely forgetting about the carseat.  Until this morning while I was on the phone with Marshall.  The most embarrassing part of the whole story is that the seat was RIGHT BY THE DOOR the WHOLE TIME!!!!!!!  I walked past it at least 4 times during my moments of panic, going into and out of the house.  So apparently nobody would steal a carseat, but somebody is fo-sho stealin’ my brain cells.  I’ll give you one guess who that might be: (s)he is the reason we were going to the doctor in the first place; (s)he definately has a viable heartbeat that the kids and I heard today via fetal doppler; and I’m a little worried that (s)he may come out as a cleptomaniac.

P.S.  The computer is back, but we are not at full capacity.  Do you know how many crappy things you have to install on a computer to get it “usable” again???  How can I post pictures of anything if I can’t edit them and make them look “purty” on Photoshop?  Can I survive without my Gmail Notifier in my toolbar alerting me of all my new emails??  I think not…hope to have all that back soon-just in time to take the stupid thing back apart and move.  We’re inside the 2 week mark now!

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  1. Peapodsquadmom
    June 19, 2008 | 12:41 am

    Oh Bridget…that’s just pitiful! And funny as all get-out! When life starts coming at you so fast…things just happen. Your brain is fine. Hubby and I were just talking about how smart you are (seriously…we have these random conversations). Honestly, the smart factor is a bit of a prerequisite for friendship with me as I’m terribly impatient with idiots. You passed a long time ago, dear. 😉